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Petoskey Stone Keychain
Petoskey Stone in 4″ long chrome steel key ring.
Kona Dolomite Keychain
Kona Dolomite in 4″ long chrome steel key ring.
Verde Antique Marble Keychain
Verde Antique Marble in 4″ long chrome steel key ring.
Paracord Keychains
Available in Reversible, Awareness Ribbon, or Heart designs.
Keychain Holder
Personalized His and Her Keychain Holder made of solid maple and cedar.
Michigan Photo Key Ring
The Photo Key Rings has an image fired on high gloss aluminum with sublimation in high quality UV protected dyes.
Michigan Petoskey Stone Key Ring
The back side is plain silver aluminum so you can add personal stickers, your initials, write a personal note.