Granite Slab Candle and Accessory Holder
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Granite Slab rubber feet Granite Slab rubber feet
The Granite Slab Candle and Accessory Holder is used to accentuate home decor. It provides dimension and character when placed under a burning candle or another focal point of decoration. This granite slab is a very interesting piece as it looks like camouflage and is oblong in shape. The colors contain dark green, dark brown, and a bit of cream. This granite slab measures 26 inches in circumference and comes with a scented glass candle 2 inches tall.
The repurposed granite slab is also great for serving chilled foods. Place granite in freezer for 30 minutes to use as a chilled plate for cheeses, cheese balls, shrimp. Or, place hot pan of water on room temperature granite for 30 minutes to warm up. Remove pan of water. Place prepared Brie directly on granite and it will stay warm for your guests. Easy to clean using mild dish detergent (by hand only).
These granite slabs are made beautiful by Mother Nature and are proudly repurposed in Michigan. Handcrafted granite is approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches thick and supported by rubber feet which provides dimension between table and granite so will not scratch surfaces. Each stone has been hand chiseled to bring out the natural luster of the granite which makes each stone unique. Bring a piece of nature into your home or office or give a beautiful unique gift to the person that has everything.
Made In Michigan