African American Sleeping Baby Boy Reborn Doll

African American Sleeping Baby Boy Reborn Doll

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$484.00 SOLD
This African-American sleeping baby boy reborn doll comes with a signed birth certificate, a faux formula baby bottle, pacifier and wearing a disposable diaper and the new outfit shown in the picture.
Length: 28 inches (12 month old)

Weight: 18 pounds

Limbs: 3/4
SOLD! Update – this reborn doll was also purchased by ABC TV for the Detroit 1-8-7 show that is filmed in Detroit, Michigan and in it’s second season. The FTP Production master, Chris Amy, contacted us again to purchase an African-American reborn doll as a stand in for the real baby. Once again, he came to the Michigan-Made website to “buy Michigan”. We at applaud ABC TV Detroit 1-8-7 for their efforts in supporting the Michigan economy!
Reborn dolls are of vinyl and painted in layers with Genesis heat set oil paints to give a realistic baby skin tone. They even have lightly painted, barely there veins and a little purple tint around the eyes and nose. Genesis paint will not rub off or fade with time.
Awake babies have realistic eyes and the matching lashes that are rooted with a tiny felting needle.
The nails are realistically painted and glossed for some shine.
The hair is premium mohair micro-rooted all over the head in the natural growth pattern. It is sealed on the inside with strong glue to prevent the hair from coming out. You can apply gel to the hair and it can be gently brushed or combed and even washed as long as care is used not to get the body wet.
Our reborn dolls are soft bodied with vinyl limbs and head. The limbs and body are stuffed with premium brand stuffing and weighted with tiny little glass beads. Because the soft body is jointed, they are posable which makes them feel more cuddly and real. The head is also weighted and needs to be supported just like a real babies head.
These reborn dolls are collector’s items. They are not toys and are not intended for small children.
The pacifier contains a very strong magnet which should be kept away from electronics, including pacemakers. Upon request, the artist can replace the magnet with removable adhesive.


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