Cleaning Supplies Made In Michigan

Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment

Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment has placements for all the necessary items needed for lawn maintenance while you are mowing your lawn.
Unmarx Reusable Cleaning Pad

Unmarx is a reusable cleaning pad that easily erases marks on clothing – deodorant marks, lint, pet hair, dandruff, dried food and so much more!
Cleaner & Surface Protector

Removes stubborn stains, restores shine and color, and leaves a high gloss protective surface.

Final Finish Surface Treatment

Repels water and dust from sticking to glass, fiberglass, metal, plastic, and polycarbonate surfaces.

Visor & Helmet Treatment

Specially formulated to keep your helmet and visor clean from debris and produce a sparkling streak-free, high gloss shine.

A specially formulated treatment that makes paint come alive with a deep, wet-look shine you would only expect from professional detailers.

Brake Dust Inhibitor

A unique formula that coats rims and shields them from brake dust. Makes future cleanings simple and no more smears.

Natural Room & Linen Spray

Natural Room & Linen Spray is made with essential oils that are safe for your linens and safe for skin!

Lavender Yoga Mat Cleaner

Designed for yoga mats, but makes a wonderful cleaner for almost anything! After cleaning, a wonderful lavender scent will linger.


BagSavr+ is designed to perfectly fit plastic grocery bags and holds many additional bags!
An extremely effective way to clean your home.


BagSavr+ is designed to perfectly fit plastic grocery bags and holds many additional bags!
The Green Glove Dryer
Thegreenglovedryer is a non-electric, glove, mitten, hat, children’s boots, and accessory/garment dryer that sits directly on a register.
Hat Clip Pencil Holder
The Hat Clip Pencil Holder attaches to hats, caps, or visors with a unique “Gripping Teeth Feature.”
Ladder Grabber
The Ladder Grabber Ladder Handle has an ergonomically designed handle that allows you to easily and safely carry your ladder.
The Loo Hook
The Loo Hook will keep your purse, bag, or jacket close, concealed, and clean of harmful bacteria found on the bathroom floor.
Minimalist Survival Bandit Wallet
The Minimalist Survival Bandit Wallet by BundeZe is both a multi-tool and a wallet.
Silver Bear Snow Scoop
The Silver Bear Snow Scoop eliminates backbreaking shoveling, saves time, and is easy to use!
Adhesive Clip Hard Hat Pencil Holder – 3 Pack
Adhesive Clip Hard Hat Pencil Holder with a unique adhesive clip design that can hold a regular pencil, a carpenters’ pencil or even a plumber’s sharpie.
Barnwood Beveled Edge Mirror
This Barnwood Beveled Edge Mirror has meticulously cut 1? x 4? pieces of barnwood that forms an interesting arrangement around a 12 x 12 beveled mirror.
Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment
Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment has placements for all the necessary items needed for lawn maintenance while you are mowing your lawn.
Hat Clip with Golf Ball Marker
The Hat Clip with Golf Ball Marker and Pencil Holder includes a super strong, flush mounted, mini magnet and the 1” epoxy domed, die struck silver edge, golf ball marker.
Barnwood Robe Hook Framed in Pine
Beautifully crafted barnwood robe hooks are sure to add rustic sophistication to any bathroom or outside the sauna.
Barnwood Coat Rack Framed in Pine
Old meets new with this beautifully finished Barnwood Coat Rack Framed in Pine. Add a flare of rustic elegance to your wall with this stylish and functional coat rack with 5 hooks.
Petoskey Stone Coat Racks
Petoskey Stone Coat Racks in a variety of styles.

BagSavr for Plastic Garbage Bags

Save Bags. Save Money. Save the Planet!

BagSavr+ is the first ergonomically designed bag storage and re-use system made to perfectly fit your free plastic grocery bags and features a built-in pocket which stores up to 10 bags right where you need them. The locking system with tuck groves keep your bags in place and prevent bag gaping. Buy your BagSavr+ today!
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle- BagSavr+ helps reduce the number of trash bags you will need to buy. BagSavr+ promotes re-use, so you will be able to use all your garbage bags at least 2 times. It is made in Michigan with recycled plastic material.
  • BagSavr+ can be used in every room of the house, garage, camper, boat, office, workshop and dorm room.
  • BagSavr+ patent-pending design locks bags into place and stores up to 10 additional bags, looks beautiful, can be used as a mounted container, free-standing or both. Easy to clean, easy to use and has a built-in handle so you can take it anywhere.
  • BagSavr+ is the perfect size to fit every room. Works beautifully for sorting and recycling in the recycle closet
  • Easy Clean Texture finish and 8 designer colors along with the beautiful modern styling will make BagSavr+ a great addition to every room in your house. Makes a great housewarming gift!
  • Up to 100 billion FREE plastic bags are given out every year in the USA. Did you know that over 90% of Americans reuse those bags for various purposes AND that over 60% of Americans reuse them for garbage? BagSavr+ makes it easy and convenient! If you are like most people, you already have bags stuffed in a closet or a drawer in your kitchen. Now you can reuse those bags in every room of your house saving money and helping the environment through re-use.

    BagSavr+ easily installs anywhere – indoors or out, with optional hanger bracket

    The BagSavr+™ can hang anywhere with it’s handy Hanger Bracket, or serve stand-alone duty in any corner. The “take anywhere” handle makes it ideal for portable cleanups or use in the cabin, boat or camper. There are 100 Billion reasons to save money and save bags with BagSavr+™