North Forest Handcrafted Paper – Eco-Friendly Paper Products

North Forest Handcrafted Paper was established in 2009 by Nancy Howe who fell in love with the art of book making. Nancy made several books using handmade paper purchased from a local studio. She even had them custom make some sheets for her using some of the roses Nancy grew and dried herself. Nancy began making paper about a decade ago when she could no longer find the handmade paper she desired for her book covers. Nancy envisioned a paper infused with the fine bark of the white birch tree. With four large white birch trees growing in her front yard, the raw material was not an issue. The trees were nearly thirty years old and were happily shedding bits of their bark – leaving gifts of bright white curls across the yard and forest floor. While searching for these treasures, Nancy realized that the scotch pines growing in the forest also shed a bark fine enough to infuse in paper pulp. She soon added vintage ribbons and laces and other bits of treasure into her paper products. Nancy discovered that she loved making the paper as much as she loved making the books! Soon Nancy was selling her paper to other book makers and hence North Forest Handcrafted Paper was born.
Working to save trees one piece of paper at a time, North Forest Handcrafted Paper makes 100% recycled, acid-free handmade paper using high quality, post consumer, office waste paper. The Eco-friendly paper products are infused with gently foraged bits of nature including white birch bark, pine bark, dried flowers and herbs, grasses and mosses. Some papers and greeting cards are also infused with vintage ribbons and lace. The handcrafted paper can be used for many purposes including decoupage, calligraphy, collage, book making, cards, scrap booking, wall art…your imagination is endless!