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Pottery Gifts featured on Michigan-Made.com are unique and functional. Our Michigan pottery artisan offers a variety of pottery as well as personalized pottery gifts. Due to the pottery being handcrafted, each piece is unique and functional. Our pottery selection includes vases, jars, plates, pitchers,and more. These items make great wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, shower gifts, or “just because.” Enjoy shopping!
Located in Saginaw, Michigan, Michael has been making pottery since 2002 in his studio at home. Every piece is individually made by hand. Most are thrown on a potters wheel and then the handles, feet, and other small parts hand built. Although he make copies that closely resemble each other, each piece is unique due to slight variations in the throwing and the glazing processes. You will find originality and uniqueness in each piece.
The glazes are all food safe and all pieces are made of stoneware clay that can be used in an oven or microwave if you observe precautions to prevent rapid heating, cooling, or water absorption of the piece. All pottery is lead-free.