ReFlamed Glassworks Recycled Glassware

Longtime friends, Patricia and Kelly are the owners of ReFlamed Glassworks in Monroe, Michigan. Kelly and Patricia dreamed of creating an eco friendly business and reduce the number of discarded bottles headed for landfills by making uniquely handcrafted glassware from empty bottles whose contents were enjoyed by their neighbors. So, Patricia evicted her husband from his basement workroom, and together the two women converted it into a glass-art studio equipped with glass cutting saws, kilns, torches, grinders, and polishing equipment.
Patricia and Kelly have mastered the art of fire polishing glass which gives the glass a smooth glossy finish. All ReFlamed Glassworks products are created from recycled wine, beer, liquor, soda, and water bottles from local restaurants, bars, wineries and events. The reclaimed glass bottles may have slight imperfections and variations to the glass or screen print. ReFlamed Glassworks take great pride in their work and every item is custom made with straight lines and smooth edges. Their glasswork is not sent to you until it meets their standards. The fire polish and digitally annealed finish sets their products soaring above the rest in quality, strength and color vibrancy. You are sure to be happy with your purchase. Cheers!!