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BagSavr+ is designed to perfectly fit plastic grocery bags and holds many additional bags!
The Green Glove Dryer
Thegreenglovedryer is a non-electric, glove, mitten, hat, children’s boots, and accessory/garment dryer that sits directly on a register.
Hat Clip Pencil Holder
The Hat Clip Pencil Holder attaches to hats, caps, or visors with a unique “Gripping Teeth Feature.”
Ladder Grabber
The Ladder Grabber Ladder Handle has an ergonomically designed handle that allows you to easily and safely carry your ladder.
The Loo Hook
The Loo Hook will keep your purse, bag, or jacket close, concealed, and clean of harmful bacteria found on the bathroom floor.
Minimalist Survival Bandit Wallet
The Minimalist Survival Bandit Wallet by BundeZe is both a multi-tool and a wallet.
Silver Bear Snow Scoop
The Silver Bear Snow Scoop eliminates backbreaking shoveling, saves time, and is easy to use!
Adhesive Clip Hard Hat Pencil Holder – 3 Pack
Adhesive Clip Hard Hat Pencil Holder with a unique adhesive clip design that can hold a regular pencil, a carpenters’ pencil or even a plumber’s sharpie.
Barnwood Beveled Edge Mirror
This Barnwood Beveled Edge Mirror has meticulously cut 1? x 4? pieces of barnwood that forms an interesting arrangement around a 12 x 12 beveled mirror.
Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment
Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment has placements for all the necessary items needed for lawn maintenance while you are mowing your lawn.
Hat Clip with Golf Ball Marker
The Hat Clip with Golf Ball Marker and Pencil Holder includes a super strong, flush mounted, mini magnet and the 1” epoxy domed, die struck silver edge, golf ball marker.
Barnwood Robe Hook Framed in Pine
Beautifully crafted barnwood robe hooks are sure to add rustic sophistication to any bathroom or outside the sauna.
Barnwood Coat Rack Framed in Pine
Old meets new with this beautifully finished Barnwood Coat Rack Framed in Pine. Add a flare of rustic elegance to your wall with this stylish and functional coat rack with 5 hooks.
Petoskey Stone Coat Racks
Petoskey Stone Coat Racks in a variety of styles.

Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment

The Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment is a tray that holds all the necessary items needed for lawn maintenance while you are mowing your lawn. The Yard Guard Tray fits on the rails of a gas powered lawnmower. The tray has placements for all the necessary items needed for lawn maintenance while you are cutting your lawn. The patent pending Yard Guard Tray was designed and developed by retired educator, Glen Call of Saginaw, Michigan. The tray is manufactured by two Michigan manufacturers, Mohr Eng out of Brighton, Michigan and Vantage plastic in Standish, Michigan. There is nothing on the market like it! Buy the Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment here.
Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment
The tray has placements for:
  • Spray containers, oval or round, to control the weeds.
  • Clippers.
  • Shovel.
  • Manual weed popper.
  • Bag for the yard debris.
  • Center cavity for personal items (lotion, bug spray, keys, cell phone, iPod etc.), dry chemicals or your favorite snack.
  • Water bottle.
  • Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment Features:

  • Securely fits on the rails of your lawnmower
  • Easy assembly/ No tools required
  • Convenient/ Save time & money
  • Made In Michigan, USA
  • 30 day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t fit on your lawn lawnmower. 1 year repair or replacement for defective parts. Customer pays return postage. Yard Guard pays shipping for the repaired or replacement part.
  • Yard Guard Lawnmower Attachment Reviews:

    What a great Christmas gift for my husband! He says he has everything! We,ll I know he doesn’t, have this. I know he is going to love it ~Deborah
    I used the Yardguard for a month. I love it! What a great idea. Well worth the money. This product saves me a lot of time and energy. ~poker
    Doing some Christmas Shopping. Buying another Yard Guard for my son. He loves his yard and this is a great product that he will enjoy for years. ~Sandra
    I need to say that i usually don’t write any reviews, but with this product i need to. Its something so simple that it work perfect, and its super convenient. I will recommend this product to everybody to cut the grass,for sure!!!!! ~Mike
    Made In Michigan