Affiliate Program

Receive Commissions Through Your Affiliate Code!

Affiliate - Earn some cash Once you’ve registered as an affiliate, you will be provided with a unique link that contains your affiliate code. You can use this link on your website, social network page, or to send to contacts. You will be able to check reports of sales by logging into your Affiliate Program Manager. Affiliate Program Manager

Signing up is FREE and simple: All you have to do to become an affiliate is register through our easy affiliate signup form. Give us a few details about you and your site, and we’ll give you the personalized tracking code to identify you and the visitors you send us. Upon approval, place one of our high converting banners or text links on your site and for every purchase you send us, you will receive 5% commission.
Through your personal Affiliate login and our online administration panel you can:

  • Get real-time affiliate statistics
  • View click-throughs of your links or banner promotions to our site
  • View payments by sign-up
  • Download your personalized tracking code
  • Track your commission payouts
Michigan-Made uses mTracker as its affiliate tracking system. Review the affiliate terms associated with our affiliate program. We only allow our ads and banners on clean sites! No adult sites with profanity or nudity will be approved.

How It Works:

  1. First you simply sign up by clicking on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button located below and follow the directions.
  2. Once you’ve signed up you will receive an email with your UserID and Password. Please make sure you print and save your UserID and Password!
  3. Go to your Admin Area in the Affiliate Program Manager and make yourself familiar with all the details. This area is where you can monitor your sales and payments. The Admin Area url is
  4. Click on ‘Get Links’ in the left navigation menu in your Admin Area. This is where you can get your banner, and/or text links to our website. These links have your UserID so that you get credit for every person you send to our site. NOTE: If you would like a direct URL to a specific product, please contact us. Provide your name, your UserID, and the product(s) you’d like direct links to.
  5. You will then place that link on your website, social network page, and/or email and invite your friends, family, and customers to come to our website to purchase the products. See hot pink arrow in screen capture below.
Michigan Made affiliate link on website
Michigan-Made affiliate as seen on the Michigan Magazine website.
We take care of the sales, credit card transactions, packaging, shipping and customer service. A record of each purchase made by ‘your customers’ will be recorded. You can log in to your Admin Area at any time to monitor all of your transactions. NOTE: After your customer makes a purchase – must “allocate” the commission to your affiliate account. If your customer chose check or money order as the payment method, the commission will be allocated when payment arrives.
Yes, it’s that simple. We want to make this as easy as possible for you to spread the word on fantastic Michigan made products. So what are you waiting for…..Sign Up Now!

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