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Choices Bath & Body Products

Cosmetic chemist Helga Soave created Choices Bath and Body natural skin and body care products. Helga is dedicated to creating products using natural, organic, healthy ingredients while avoiding any chemicals that could damage your skin. Choices Bath & Body Products are natural. As many organically grown ingredients are used as feasible, while still offering an affordable product. Pure essential oils are used to scent the products.
Created with Your Health In Mind

Natural vs Synthetic

Conventional Cosmetics
Natural Cosmetics
  • Use synthetic oils derived from petroleum or silicone.
  • Use Natural Vegetable Oils, which contain Tocopherols, Phosopolipids, Phytosterols, Vitamins and Fatty Acids.
  • Contain no nutrients for the skin (Amino acids, sterols, etc.)
  • These are able to integrate with the skin and can assist functions, which the skin is no longer able to maintain, due to aging or in-balance.
  • Tiny amounts of natural oils are added in order to make claims (i.e. with Almond Oil)
  • Natural substances like Urea, Lactic Acid, Sodium Lactate, and Glycerin, keep the moisture in the skin.
  • High-tech isolated plant extracts are added in minute amounts to suggest an innovative product (i.e. with valuable Lotus flower)
  • Plant extracts support these processes.
  • Synthetic Mineral oil derivatives are dead fats by their very nature. They hurt the skin because they cannot feed it.
  • The skin becomes balanced, and as a result less is needed.