Melanie grew up in Michigan’s Thumb area and moved to Metro Detroit in 2001. Crafting was always important to her but jewelry making is special. Melanie’s aunt showed her the basics of wire wrapping and her designs took off from there. Melanie’s jewelry reflects her love of Michigan’s earthiness and its sparkling Lakes. Being an artist in Michigan was the inspiration for her business name, Heart in Hand Designs. These jewelry pieces have a natural feel: Earthy. Beachy. Rustic. The Heart in Hand line includes cluster earrings, beaded crochet necklaces and bracelets, and beaded leather cuffs. Customers are drawn to the detail and the use of textures in these pieces of jewelry. Customers enjoy the flexibility of a piece that can be worn with a suit or jeans. The artisan loves to mix colors, materials and textures. She includes rustic pieces along with the sparkly pieces. Melanie offers her heart in every handmade design!