Maple Grove Custom Cabinetry is a family owned company located in southern Saginaw county, Michigan. They specialize in custom cabinetry and remodels, but their new specialty is some high quality retail products for the kitchen. The end grain chopping blocks, turntables, cheese boards, pizza peels consists of only high quality materials and hardware and are very well built – they are handcrafted to last a life time.
The butcher block and cheese board products include beautiful hard maple and walnut cheese boards in the shape of a wine bottle, a unique chopping block with a drawer and cut out for bowl, a beautiful butcher block turntable with 12″ bearing and 5 bumper feet, a pizza peel handcrafted of hard maple and disassembles for storage, and round and rectangular end grain chopping blocks. Not only are the Maple Grove products functional for the kitchen, but are of beautiful craftsmanship to provide many years of service and enjoyment.