Created by Michigan native Ted Lepcynski, items from the Silver Loon Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection range from elegant to whimsical. All are hand-crafted from .935 deox sterling silver, using the “lost wax casting” process. Because Silver Loon Jewelers manufactures on a small scale, the jewelry pieces are highly detailed with tight quality control, with many pieces being one of a kind.
Ted’s personal touch is part of each pendant, charm, or tie tac right from its inception. He does not use computers to create his designs; they are conceived and skillfully carved by hand in blue wax.
Creative design, meticulous craftsmanship, and motifs that resonate with people who love Michigan – these are the components that make items from the Silver Loon fine jewelry line outstanding pieces to acquire for yourself or as gifts for friends and loved ones.
You are invited to browse the Silver Loon jewelry and begin planning for that next special birthday, anniversary, Christmas or “just because” gift – whether for yourself, or your friend or relative!
Buck On Petoskey Stone Pendant This Buck on Petoskey is just one of Ted’s custom design pieces. The Custom Design Jewelry Collection features natural stones, fossils, Petoskey stones, and other natural materials.
Sterling Silver Lighthouse Lighthouses, turtles, golf bags, large mouth bass, bucks with antlers – these are just a few of the dozens of designs available in the Silver Loon Collection. Whether the theme is nature, golf, hockey, tennis, fishing, horses – these themes and many more are incorporated into fine sterling silver jewelry designed to last and be loved for a lifetime.
Stone Turtle Pendant The Jewelers Collection provides jewelry store designs for every budget. Heirloom gifts include baby girl rings, crosses, charm bracelets, and more. These natural stone turtles are flying out of the stores! They are available in Black Onyx, Bloodstone, Hematite, Botswana Agate, and Leopard Skin.
Great Lakes Collection If you are looking for eye catching jewelry, Silver Loon’s Great Lakes Collection sterling silver jewelry is sure to please. From the Lightening on Lake Michigan Pendant to the In-Flight Over Huron, the jeweler designed pieces often highlight Michigan’s natural materials, fossils and Petoskey stones from the shores of the Great Lakes. Several custom designs are currently featured in the State of Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing.