Papa Turts All Natural Hot Sauce

Papa Turts award winning gourmet hot sauces are made in small batches with only the finest ingredients. Papa Turts hot sauces are acidified food products. They do not expire and they do not require refrigeration even after opened. This hot sauce is all natural, no junk in there! For the perfect blend of heat and flavor, reach for Papa Turts all natural hot sauces!
  • Papa’s Smoked Peppa – a chipotle based hot sauce, won 1st place in the Chipotle Division. Delicious chipotle chiles, tomatoes, and roasted garlic for a smoky, tangy flavor! Papa’s Smoked Peppa Hot Sauce is all natural and no preservatives or artificial colors are used. Try it on pasta, steak or chicken. Mix with ranch or sour cream for a perfect taco salad dressing. Anytime you want just a little heat with a lot of flavor, reach for Papa Turts Papa’s Smoked Peppa Hot Sauce!
  • So Hot It Hurts Hot Sauce – a habanero based hot sauce – won third place in the Habanero Division. More than just hot and spicy, Papa Turts ‘So Hot It Hurts’ Hot Sauce is made with fresh roasted garlic and a blend of chiles for a sauce loaded with flavor! Delicious on pizza, BBQ, eggs, and potatoes. Fire up soups, chili, sauces and marinades, or even a Bloody Mary.
  • Mama’s Sweet Chile Mild Hot Sauce is as sweet and mild as a kiss from your mama! Made with New Mexico mild chiles and pure maple syrup, this a gourmet hot sauce that is loaded with flavor and made in small batches. Try it as a marinade on meatballs, chicken wings, or pork tenderloin. Drizzle it on salmon or stir-fry for the perfect blend of heat and flavor.
  • Granny’s Green Hot Sauce is a gourmet mild hot sauce that is loaded with flavor and made with Granny Smith apples, jalapeños, tomatillos (aka Mexican husk tomato), cilantro, and garlic. It has an amazingly fresh flavor which pairs wonderfully with sub sandwiches, salads, quiche, steak tacos and so much more. It’s all natural and completely wholesome, just like Granny.