Cancer Awareness Ribbon Paracord Bracelet shown in ACU and Yellow
Parachute Cord Bracelet with Awareness Ribbon is available in choice of two or three colors – one or two colors for the inside and outside of the paracord bracelet and another color for the awareness ribbon. This paracord ribbon bracelet is a great way to show your support for any awareness group. Show support for our troops with a yellow ribbon displayed on your wrist until your loved one comes home! Not only is the paracord bracelet functional when you need it, but looks incredible when you wear it!

Cancer Awareness Color and Meaning
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  • Black – Melanoma
  • Blue – Prostate Cancer
  • Blue/Pink – Male Breast Cancer
  • Brown – Colon & Colorectal Cancer
  • Burgundy – Multiple Myeloma
  • Clear – Lung Cancer
  • Dark Blue – Colon Cancer
  • Gold – Childhood Cancers
  • Grey – Brain Cancer
  • Kelly Green – Kidney cancer
  • Lavender – General Cancer
  • Light Blue – Thyroid Cancer
  • Lime Green – Lymphoma
  • Orange – Leukemia
  • Orchid/Violet – Testicular Cancer
  • Peach – Uterine Cancer
  • Pearl – Lung Cancer
  • Periwinkle Blue – Esophageal Cancer
  • Pink – Breast Cancer
  • Purple – Pancreatic Cancer
  • Red – Lymphoma
  • Red/White – Head and Neck Cancer
  • Teal – Ovarian Cancer
  • Teal and White – Cervical Cancer
  • Violet – Hodgkin Disease
  • Yellow – Bladder Cancer
  • White – Retinoblastoma
  • White and Gold – Bone Cancer
  • The paracord bracelet is made out of 550 paracord that is fashioned by weaving the paracord together to make a parachute cord bracelet – also termed as a paracord bracelet. The bracelet is then secured with a looped end and a military uniform button.
    See available colors here. Be sure to specify inside and outside colors, ribbon color, and size. View a sample three color Paracord Awareness Bracelet
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    The month of October is pronounced as Breast Cancer Awareness Month by The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) organization. NBCAM is celebrating over 25 years of awareness, education, and empowerment. Help support Breast Cancer Awareness by purchasing a cancer awareness parachute cord bracelet.
    Made In Michigan