Paracord Dog Collar
Dog Collar

Paracord Dog Collars are available for any size dog. Not only is the paracord dog collar functional when you need it, but it looks incredible on your dog!
Paracord Dog Collar are made out of 550 paracord – also termed survival cord – that is fashioned by weaving the paracord together to make the dog collar with a buckle closure. A D-ring is attached to secure a dog leash.
See available colors here. Be sure to specify color choices and length.
NOTE: The dog collars are not adjustablebe sure to measure your dog’s neck accurately and provide the length in inches below. The artisan will make the collar to your exact specification. NOTE: The dog collar will shrink if it gets wet. Measure accurately – dog collars are custom made and can not be returned!
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Made In Michigan

*How To Measure For Paracord Dog Collar

Collars are made to your specifications and are not returnable so measure accurately! Here’s how to measure…
Collar Measurement: With a soft measuring tape, measure around the thickest part of your dog’s neck near the shoulder. Slide two fingers under tape measure to get correct measurement (see pic below). Paracord will shrink when it gets wet so take shrinkage into consideration if your dog goes into water, or if it’s a little big for your dog, you can shrink it. DO NOT measure another collar! Other collars may be measured or sized differently, so directly taking your pet’s neck measurement is the only way to get an accurate size!
Measure Paracord Dog Collar
Please measure carefully, and place your measurement in inches!
Please note that we cannot accept returns due to customer error in sizing or color choices, so measure twice and pick colors carefully!