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Create My Own Reborn Doll

Note: Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for the reborning and delivery.
Custom Made Reborn Doll
Each custom made reborn doll comes with a signed birth certificate, hospital wristband, a faux formula baby bottle, pacifier and wearing a disposable diaper and a new outfit.

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Reborn Doll Hair Reborn Doll Hands Reborn Doll Feet

The artist of Infants Forever Nursery wants you to know that no step is overlooked as she uses only quality materials when reborning the babies.
Your custom baby will be painted and blushed with Genesis heat set paints. The reborn artist will apply these paints in thin layers to achieve a beautiful skin tone. These layers are baked until set. The reborn artist will then blush the baby with a special mixture of genesis paints.
Infants Forever Nursery reborn dolls are soft bodied with vinyl limbs and head. The limbs and body are stuffed with premium brand stuffing and weighted with tiny little glass beads. Because the soft body is jointed, they are posable which makes them feel more cuddly and real. The head is also weighted and needs to be supported just like a real babies head. The little nose will be opened and backed with dark colored felt.
The reborn artist will gently root premium mohair on the head in the natural growth pattern to resemble that of a real baby. The inside of the reborn doll’s head is then permanently sealed with an industrial strength water proof sealant. This hair is so realistic – you can even add gel and spritz with water and gently brush or comb the baby’s hair. Matching lashes are rooted with a tiny felting needle.
Your custom order will have a baby manicure and it has been doubled sealed with a high quality matte finish varnish. The baby’s tiny little hands and feet will be painted to resemble a sweet newborn. The baby will also have subtle veining painted on the limbs and head to resemble the veins of a real baby!
Your custom reborn doll will come to her new family in special clothing. The reborn baby doll will also come with a signed birth certificate, hospital wristband, a faux baby formula bottle, magnetic pacifier and wearing a disposable diaper.
These reborn dolls are collector’s items. They are not toys and are not intended for small children.
The pacifier contains a very strong magnet which should be kept away from electronics, including pacemakers. Upon request, the artist can replace the magnet with removable adhesive.