Personalized Photo OrnamentsMade In Michigan

Personalized Photo Ornaments
Personalize a photo ornament with your own photo or choose a Michigan stock photo shown below. The Photo Ornaments are created with *your image or a Michigan photo fired into the ornament using dye Sublimation at high temperature and pressure. These quality aluminum ornaments are lightweight and great for that special gift or use as a gift tag or place marker. The image is on both sides and includes a ribbon for hanging. The Photo Ornament measures 3 inches.
NOTE: Ornaments are sold in set of 2.
*For personalized ornaments, submit your picture here. Design your personalized ornament with photos, art, text….kids, pets, trips, births, memorials etc. Use family photos and add sayings, names and dates. Personalized ornaments can be full color or black and white. Available Michigan stock photos for the ornaments are shown below. Michigan Photography by Gregory Steele and Allyson Schwartz.
$19.95 Set of 2