Casto + Downs All Natural Skincare Products

Casto + Downs All Natural Skincare Products
Based out of Coldwater, Michigan, Casto + Downs is a hometown company, making all-natural skincare products designed to be as wholesome as possible. Handmade in small batches, Casto + Downs is the small company that believes in natural beauty for all.
Casto + Downs journey began in 2005, when founder Amy Casto needed to find a natural alternative to chemical-laden cosmetics. Her eldest daughter’s skin had become irritated from harsh stage makeup, so Amy wanted to find chemical-free alternatives for her daughter. She found that even some “all-natural” skin care products and cosmetics contained skin irritants and chemical preservatives.
Amy knew there had to be a better way, a more natural way, to make great skincare. So Amy took the situation into her own hands and decided she’d make her own products! She worked tirelessly, researching natural ingredients, avoiding harmful preservatives, testing various combinations, and ultimately, after years of trials, she perfected the product that is offered today. Old-fashioned skincare for the modern world.
Casto + Downs has a very simple philosophy: create healthy, all-natural skincare for customers. They accomplish this by paying special attention to the ingredients, and more importantly to the preservatives. The all natural preservatives include Vitamin E, Grapfruit Seed Extract, and Capryl Glycol. Because of the shorter shelf life, they make their products in small batches. Every jar and soap is stamp ed with its own distinct batch number and expiration date to ensure the product’s quality and freshness.
To help share her story, Amy enlisted two business-minded brothers from her hometown — Matthew and Benjamin Downs. Together, they run their small company with the mission they believe in: creating honestly good skincare everyday, for everyone. They stand by their ingredients and that’s why they list each and every one of them on their products. And, they want you to know exactly what’s going on your body so you can keep it as healthy and glowing as possible!
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