Impressive Messages – Inspirational Cards

Impressive Messages are Cards Worth Giving…beautiful, high-quality line of cards with simplistic, powerful messages. Created for any age, any gender and any occasion. Inspirational words and images, and a blank canvas inside – these cards beckon to become the handwritten message that brings a friend to tears, or the sweet love note that shapes a lingering smile. Cards Worth Keeping…as you pore over the intricate details of that handwritten card and savor, again, the message within – a grandmother’s wise words, a husband’s devotion, a true friendship or even a heartfelt Thank You. Handwritten cards stand the test of time….tuck it away, again, until the next time.
Designer Kate Cardinali dreamed up imPRESSive Messages and made it a reality. Tired of going to boutiques and not finding a suitable card, she decided to design her own, and why not share them with the masses. imPRESSive Messages is getting its feet wet with a small line of greeting cards which will grow with time to include a general card line and additional stationary items.
Founded on inspirational quotes and good clean design…imPRESSive Messages is a card that won’t just be an after thought. Printed in Michigan, Designed in Michigan…imPRESSive Messages is bringing cards to boutiques, lakeside gift shops & Michigan wineries throughout the state.