Bullet Jewelry by Jill’s Jewels 4 You

Bullet Jewelry is something that has a subtle edge to it, but appeals to many people. Jill has always loved making jewelry and had been making pieces for friends and family for a long time. She decided to see if she can make a living with what she loves to do. Jill feels she is one of the truly lucky ones that has turned her dream into a reality. All of Jill’s bullet jewelry is handmade in her beading studio. She tries to go above and beyond to create high quality pieces and give the best customer service that she can possibly provide.
This 38 caliber Bullet Jewelry has been fired and then tumbled cleaned and polished with a cloth to give a nice shine. Each piece is hand cut and crafted so there may be subtle differences than what you see in the photos such as head stamps or markings. Original recycled bullets from spent bullet casings are used to create this bullet jewelry. The ends of the bullets are cut off and then I used to create different pieces.
The bullet earrings, bullet necklace, and bullet ring are adorned with a Swarovski crystal or gemstone. Below are the choices available.
38 caliber bullet jewelry