Justina’s Genuine Creations – Wire Wrap Wrist Art and Feather Hair Bands

Justina’s Genuine Creations specializes in wire wrap wrist art and feather hair band art. Justina takes old jewelry and recycles it into unique jewelry art for adults. Her designs include stones, shells, glass, metal, buttons, broken pottery and even magazines pages. The girls hair bands are all the rage for babies, little girls, and big girls alike. Each piece of wired wrist art and feather hair band is individually made and unique.
Justina Lee Black is a singer song writer who loves the joy of children so much she began to tell stories to them in school with music and puppets with the help of Parent Tellers and the Detroit Story League. That passion resulted in the creation of Lady J and the Puppetones, which is a full length puppet show following craft time. Justina’s Genuine Creations became possible due to that passion. Children’s jewelry and girly feather hair band art is a favorite and soon she added feathered wall art . While Justina was performing in Las Vegas, she met Jan, an artist who showed her how to make jewelry from scrape she found in the desert. Being intrigued by what she learned she wanted to do more with her jewelry art and began to recycle old jewelry into new jewelry art for adults.

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