Liquid Shea Butter by Essentialology

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This Liquid Shea Butter repairs and nourishes the skin with it’s moisturizing proprieties. Liquid Shea Butter softens deeply into the skin and protects skin surface. Men, Women, and Children can use this wonderful skin care product. Great for the whole body – use on hands, feet, windburn, ashy skin, hair, nails, and so much more.
100% Pure Liquid Shea Butter – what Is It? This oil is not called ‘Shea Oil’ because the artisan wants everyone to realize exactly what this is. This is NOT an inferior oil pressed from what is left over after the butter has been removed from the Shea Nut. 100% unrefined Shea Butter is used to make Liquid Shea Butter. It is very high in unsaponifiables! Some of the Stearic Acid is removed from the butter to make the butter a liquid form. Therefore, Liquid Shea is the exact same thing as Shea Butter only in a liquid state. Those who use this product will use nothing else for hot oil treatments, massages, hair treatments, and direct application to the skin. Being liquid, this Shea Butter penetrates quickly without stretching the skin. And, as always – NO CHEMICALS, NO PRESERVATIVES, and NO FILLERS. 100% Raw Shea Butter ALL NATURAL!

Made In Michigan