Papa Turts Award Winning Hot Sauces – All Natural

Papa Turts, Inc. is owned and operated out of Fowlerville, Michigan by Mandy Tefft and Matt Blauer. Papa Turts Hot Sauces were created from a garden full of hot peppers and a love of spicy foods. It is a wonderful, homegrown business specializing in delicious, handcrafted hot sauces that value flavor over heat, but pack a fiery punch none-the-less. Papa Turts became licensed and began selling hot sauce to the public in January of 2011. Papa Turts is now sold online, and in over 50 (and growing!) stores and restaurants around Michigan. They currently have two award winning varieties of hot sauce available. Papa’s Smoked Peppa – a chipotle based hot sauce, won 1st place in the Chipotle Division. So Hot It Hurts Hot Sauce – a habanero based hot sauce – won third place in the Habanero Division. Papa Turts gourmet hot sauces are made in small batches with only the finest ingredients.
People love hot sauce, and they especially love Michigan made! Papa Turns sauce is hot, but the flavor will keep you pouring it on. They have changed the opinion of many who thought they didn’t like hot sauce! Papa Turts hot sauces are acidified food products. They do not expire and they do not require refrigeration even after opened. This hot sauce is all natural, no additives or preservatives in there! Papa Turts hot sauce is delicious on BBQ, pizza, chicken, steak, eggs, and potatoes. Fire up soups, chili, sauces and marinades, or even a Bloody Mary. For the perfect blend of heat and flavor, buy Papa Turts all natural hot sauces!