Made In Michigan
This print is a replica of the original painting Eagle Harbor Light by Michigan painter and De Novo Color inventor Hannah Tiffin.
Note from the Artist: “I simply love lighthouses. There is something special about their being. They all seem to have a soul. They are guardians of man, warning us of danger and they are welcome stars which call us home. They are symbols of strength and can weather the greatest storms, they are able to stand no matter what comes.” Be the light house!”
Click here to see the large image and experience the true mastery of lazy watercolor at its best! Artist Hannah Tiffin is on her way to becoming a master expressionist painter. Notice the free flow of the color and the bold pops that make her work unique and timeless. This hand signed print is an 8×10, printed on high standard poster paper, and will be shipped out to you in an 11×14 matte within 3 business days of your order.
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