Made In Michigan
This print is a replica of the original painting Pictured Rocks by Michigan painter and De Novo Color inventor Hannah Tiffin.
Note from the Artist: ““Pictured Rocks reminds me of a place that I once traveled to in my dreams. It is hard to believe that a place exists here on earth, not to mention the state where I live that exceeds the imagination of my ability to dream in color. This is truly a sacred space.
Click here to see the large image and experience the true mastery of lazy watercolor at its best! Artist Hannah Tiffin is on her way to becoming a master expressionist painter. Notice the free flow of the color and the bold pops that make her work unique and timeless. This hand signed print is an 8×10, printed on high standard poster paper, and will be shipped out to you in an 11×14 matte within 3 business days of your order.
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