Michigan Photo Sun CatcherPersonalized Sun Catcher Idea
Horizontal | Personalized
Made In Michigan
Personalize a sun catcher with your own photo or choose a Michigan stock photo shown below. Large Beveled Glass Sun Catcher is created using dye sublimation. The images are fired into the surface for a long lasting gorgeous finish. The glass is a 9 x 7 tempered frosted bevel glass. Suction cup is included to hang in a window, or place in front of a candle or stand on a window sill.
The Sun Catchers are UV protected. However everything will eventually fade in direct hot sun so it is suggested that the sun catcher be hung in light, but not directly in the hot sun.
*For a personalized Sun Catcher, submit your picture here AFTER order is submitted. Design your personalized sun catcher with photos, art, text….kids, pets, trips, births, memorials etc. Use family photos and add sayings, names and dates. Personalized sun catcher can be full color or black and white. Available Michigan stock photos for the sun catcher are shown below. Michigan Photography by Gregory Steele and Allyson Schwartz.

Horizontal Images Available for Michigan Photo Glass Sun Catcher

Vertical Images Available for Michigan Photo Glass Sun Catcher