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You have a unique, distinctive and high quality product line that you want to take to market.
We are a web-based direct-to-consumer store, who can help you gain product exposure and increase sales. Visit the Suppliers FAQ page for more information.
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If you are a small business or cottage industry company, we are interested in partnering with you to build your sales! has the resources to help you broaden your path to success. By partnering with, you will gain exposure to countless new potential buyers throughout the state, the nation, and even the world!
Michigan Made Products & Gifts is a unique market outlet for Michigan’s small and home-based businesses.
  • Increase your sales
  • Gain more product exposure
  • Exclusive to Michigan made products
  • Be a part of Michigan’s economic resurgence
  • You have invested a lot of time and energy in developing a product line that you’re proud of and that you believe in. We can help you make your dreams of success with your product line come true. The Michigan Made Products & Gifts team is experienced and qualified people with extensive knowledge in marketing, finance, and website development. Our team works aggressively to build a high-traffic web site that generates lots of long-term cross marketing traffic that converts into sales.
    Established in 2008, Michigan Made Products & Gifts website traffic has grown by leaps and bounds, as shown in the site visitor and social network STATS below.
    2008 Traffic History
    2008 Traffic History
    2009 Traffic History
    2009 Traffic History

    400% Visitor Increase from 2008
    575% Hit Increase from 2008
    2010 Traffic History
    2010 Traffic History

    800% Visitor Increase from 2009
    500% Hit Increase from 2009
    2011 STATS
    • Unique Visitors 131,054
    • Visitors: 225,942
    • Pages: 1,354,485
    • Hits: 13,788,486
    2012 STATS
    • Unique Visitors 211,010
    • Visitors: 354,515
    • Pages: 1,630,797
    • Hits: 24,525,249
    2013 STATS
    • Unique Visitors 197,268
    • Visitors: 400,726
    • Pages: 1,469,903
    • Hits: 18,624,740
    2014 STATS
    • Unique Visitors 203,797
    • Visitors: 397,276
    • Pages: 1,756,636
    • Hits: 8,990,567
    The main benefits of partnering with are:
    • Product exposure.
    • is proud to be the leader in e-commerce websites specializing strictly in products made by Michigan small businesses, artisans, and cottage industries.
    • It’s FREE to list your product on our site!
    • With the HUGE movement on “Michigan made”, we have a high traffic website where your product will get noticed.
    • We have a large database of customers and subscribers that are interested in seeing your product!
    • Cross marketing – customers coming to our site to purchase a product may see your product and purchase it as well!
    • We run specials, offer coupons, and free shipping – at NO COST to you.
    • will add another source of revenue for sales of your product!
    • We attend Michigan made tradeshows to promote your product – at NO COST to you.
    • Michigan-Made does all the site work (you simply provide the product details) – at NO COST to you.
    • Michigan-Made promotes and advertises your product online via blog posts, social networking, Facebook ads, Google ads, Bing ads – at NO COST to you.
    • Michigan-Made promotes and advertises via trade shows (MM attends at least 2 Michigan theme trade shows each year), radio ads/interviews, place-mat ads, catalogs, brochures, post cards, magnets – at NO COST to you.
    • is in the news! Recent media attention has included Oakland Press, Bay City Times, Saginaw News, Flint Journal, Detroit FreePress, The Guide to Northeast Michigan, Arenac Independent, Great Lakes Bay Magazine, CBS Detroit, White Lake Patch, Great Lakes Showcase, several state-wide radio stations, and more!.
    • Michigan-Made has numerous retail accounts that purchase wholesale products from us – with the move on “Michigan Made”, our Michigan retailers like to do their “1-stop shopping for Michigan made products” with us for the convenience. We also have retail accounts nation wide that are looking for unique products like yours for their store.
    • We utilize all of the social networking tools – Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious, etc.
    • No competitive Google ads are on our website to compete with our Michigan made supplier’s products.