Whiskey Cocktail and Whiskey
  1. Place bag of cocktail rocks in freezer (min 2 hours)
  2. Put 1-2 Earth Stones into glass of choice and pour in your favorite beverage
  3. Drink and enjoy!
  4. Lightly rinse (dishwasher safe too) after finished and place back in freezer
  5. Repeat…
Keep your cocktails cold and not watered down! The Earth Stone cocktail stones (also known as whiskey stones) are made from 100% recycled white Italian Carrara marble. Most whiskey stones are made from soapstone, but marble is a superior choice for retaining the cold temperature the longest. Earth Stone isn’t the only ones using marble to retain a desired temperature! There is a very popular ice cream franchise that uses large marble slabs to mix their delicious signature desserts — coincidence? We think not. These rock beauties not only look great, but they are the perfect size for your imbibing pleasure.
You get 8 one inch cubes in an Earth Stones high quality muslin bag. Each cocktail stone has been hand selected and crafted to exceed your expectations. The cubes have been lightly tumbled leaving a soft and elegant finish. The white color and natural veining of the marble is a distinct and classy look that can not be found anywhere else. The whiskey stones are ready to go from the freezer to your freshly poured beverage, and require no maintenance from you other than washing them off after they have been used. You will never have to replace these Cocktail Stones!
Made In Michigan