Kristin & Company Diffusers have been discontinued. A limited supply is available. Diffusers are discontinued and sold out!
Kristin & Company Scent Diffusers are now available! These scent diffusers feature a long-lasting fragrance that will fill your home with a lingering scent. Blended with the finest fragrance oils, this concentrated aromatic scent diffuser will last for months. The 5.4 oz scent diffusers include 10 natural wood reeds.
Kristin & Company Diffuser with 10 Reeds
Kristin & Company Diffusers $17.99 ea.
NOTE: Due to packaging, Diffusers must be ordered in sets of three of the same scent.
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Made In Michigan
Diffusers are available in these scents: Apple Jack & Peel scent, Apple Pie scent, Apple & Teak scent, Asian Bamboo scent, Bayberry scent, Banana Nut Bread scent, Bergamot scent, Best Friends scent, Blackberry Sage scent, Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookie scent, Cappuccino scent, Caramel Cookie scent, Caramel Sensation scent, Cedar Closet scent, Cinnamon scent, Cinnamon Bun scent, Citrus & Basil scent, Clary Sage scent, Cypress scent, Clothesline Fresh scent, Cozy Home scent, Cucumber Melon scent, Eucalyptus scent, Gardenia scent, Gingerbread Girl scent, Hazelnut scent, Island Cotton scent, Jasmine scent, Lavender scent, Lavender Vanilla scent, Lemon scent, Lemon Poundcake scent, Lemongrass Sage scent, Lilac scent, Magnolia scent, Mandarin scent, Midnight Pomegranate scent, Mountain Rain scent, Mulberry scent, Oatmeal & Honey, Ocean Mist scent, Orange Cupcake scent, Orange Spice scent, Patchouli scent, Pearberry scent, Pecan Delight scent, Pine Needles scent, Pumpkin Pie scent, Rain Drops scent, Red Ginger scent, Rose scent, Pear & Chamomile scent, Sandalwood scent, Snickerdoodle scent, Soulmates scent, Spiced Clove scent, Spiced Cranberry scent, Sugar Cookie scent, Tea Leaf and Papaya scent, Twilight scent, Sweet Pea scent, Unscented scent, Vanilla scent, Walk In The Woods scent, Wildflowers scent, Ylang Ylang scent.