Petoskey Stone Magnets
Petoskey stone magnets are coated in epoxy with magnet attached. Sizes vary between 1″ and 2″. Attach a piece of Michigan to your refrigerator or any metal surface!
A Petoskey stone magnet makes a great souvenir or memento.
$3.50 each
Made In Michigan
Petoskey Stones are masses of fossil colony coral, Hexagonaria percarinata. They occur abundantly in Devonian about 350 million years ago.
Coral groups weathered out of the limestone were widely scattered by Pleistocene glacial action. They are readily found on beaches and in gravel deposits as pebbles and cobbles rounded by erosion. Petoskey is the English adaptation of either “Be-dos-e-gay” or “Petosegay,” an Ottawa Indian word and variant meaning “sun rays of the dawn.”
Michigan was extensively resurfaced by glaciers during the Pleistocene (the last 1.6 million years), and as part of this process, moving glaciers plucked up pieces of the bedrock and carried them along, smoothing and rounding them in transport. This accounts for the regular shapes of Petoskey Stones found today.