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Ribbon & Yarn Scarves – Collegiate & Team Inspired Collection

The Sports Team Scarves are available in: Michigan State Scarf, Detroit Red Wings Scarf, Detroit Lions Scarf, Detroit Tigers Scarf, and Michigan Scarf.
The Collegiate & Team Inspired Collection by Scarves of Westwood shows your college or team spirit in a fun new way. Each scarf is approximately 72″ in length. There are several different non-wool cushy soft BouclĂ© yarns with different textures used in each scarf. Just the right amount of ribbons, beads and bling are added that makes your unique scarf liven up a basic outfit. Any color combination can be created with the Collegiate & Team Inspired Collection. No two scarves are the same so you will never see another scarf exactly like yours. The scarf can be spot washed or dipped in a Woolite solution. How To Tie A Scarf