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Cheetah/Dalmatian Reversible Fingerless Gloves, Scarf, Hat
Cheetah/Dalmatian Set
The Cheetah/Dalmatian Reversible Hat & Scarf are fashionable and FUNctional! You CAN change your spots! Change your style without changing your hat or scarf. The Cheetah/Dalmatian Reversible Hat has several great looks. The Cheetah print with brown brim reverses to Dalmatian print with black brim and and can be worn numerous ways.
Turtle Gloves Cheetah print scarf reverses to a solid black, or turn it inside out for the Dalmatian print with a reverse side in black. To get a new look out of your reversible scarf, just slide it over your arm and grip the end. Pulling in thirds, grab the material from your wrist. As easy as that, you have a whole new scarf! Attach the Cheetah print side to the Dalmatian print side for another look. The reversible scarf is approximately 46 inches long and 6 inches wide.