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Puppy Paw Print Reversible Fingerless Gloves
Puppy Paw Print Side
These Puppy Paw/Dalmatian Reversible Fingerless Gloves are fashionable and FUNctional! Bring home a pet, skip the vet. Cute and cozy; these are the perfect dog walking gloves. The Puppy Paw/Dalmatian Fingerless Gloves has 4 patterns and colors that offer a variety of ways to be worn. The Puppy Paw print side has solid white on opposite side. The reverse side is Dalmatian print with solid black on the opposite side. The Puppy Paw/Dalmatian Reversible Fingerless Gloves are made of premium fleece (U.S.A.) and patterned fleece and suede cloth (Imported).
  • The Turtle Gloves are INTERCHANGEABLE – wear on left or right hand for a different look or convenience.
  • The Turtle Gloves are REVERSIBLE – completely change color or pattern by turning gloves inside out!
  • The Turtle Gloves are VERSATILE – wear as a wrist warmer, arm warmer, muffler, or Warm-Up Mitten.
  • The Turtle Gloves have LAYER-ABILITY – wear with or without liner gloves.