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Zoye Premium Cooking Oils

Zoye Premium Vegetable Oil – a light-tasting, all purpose oil – is ideal for cooking, baking, salad dressing, stir-frying and marinades. Zoye Premium Vegetable Oil can be used in place of any regular vegetable oil or olive oil. Naturally low in saturated fat, rich in Omega 3, Vitamin E and cholesterol free, Zoye is an all natural, 100% soybean, Non-GMO certified oil. Zoye But-R-Lite® is a healthier butter alternative. With natural butter flavor and sea salt, But-R-Lite can be used at high heat for all your cooking and baking needs. Dairy, gluten, cholesterol and trans fat free, it is also great for vegan based recipes. But-R-Lite is perfect for popping popcorn and is equally delicious as a popcorn topper. It can also be used as a flavoring for corn on the cob. Read the health benefits of Zoye Premium Oil.
Premium Vegetable Oil – Gallon
BUT-R-LITE® with Sea Salt Cooking Oil – Gallon
BUT-R-LITE® Sodium Free Cooking Oil – Gallon
Premium Vegetable Oil – 16 Ounce
BUT-R-LITE® with Sea Salt Cooking Oil – 16 Ounce
BUT-R-LITE® Sodium Free Cooking Oil – 16 Ounce