Michigan-Made is often asked by businesses, groups and individuals to use our mark for sponsorship events, promotion, and other programs. The purpose of this page is to allow an organization or individual to request a non-exclusive, non-transferable limited license for use of a registered mark. It is Michigan Made’s sole discretion to provide a license of use. Michigan Made’s mark is registered with the Trademark Office.
If license of use is granted, the below images will be provided in high resolution png and jpg format.
The Michigan-Made logo is available for use with these guidelines. Violating any guideline, as determined by Michigan Made, may result in the immediate termination of the right to use the mark. The request is one year or one-time use without changes. A non-exclusive non-transferable limited license is granted to the Applicant.
By submitting a request to use a federally registered mark of Michigan Made, you are agreeing that:
  1. The request is a one year or one-time use without changes.
  2. The use of the mark is only for the use described in the request. Any other use is prohibited and shall constitute an infringement on Michigan Made’s intellectual property.
  3. The limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license is for the sole and exclusive use of the applicant. The applicant may not sub-license the use of the mark without the prior written consent of Michigan Made. Any sub-licensing of the mark will result in immediate termination of the license and the applicant must cease all use of the mark.
  4. The applicant will maintain the high quality of the mark and will safeguard the established prestige and goodwill related to the mark at the same level of prestige and goodwill as maintained.
  5. The applicant will take all necessary steps, and all steps reasonably requested by Michigan Made, to prevent or avoid any misuse of the mark.
  6. The applicant is acknowledging that Michigan Made is the owner of all rights, title and interest in and to the mark, and any and all forms or embodiments thereof, and is the owner of the goodwill attached to the mark in connection with the services for which the mark has been and may be used.
  7. The applicant will hold harmless Michigan Made from any liability that results in any way from the applicant’s use of the mark.
  8. The applicant may not use the mark in any way or for any purpose which Michigan Made, in its sole discretion, determines has or could have an adverse impact on Michigan Made’s reputation or interests.
  9. The applicant does not allege or assert that Michigan Made has an adequate remedy at law, and in addition to other available remedies at law or equity, Michigan Made has the right to seek an injunction against the unauthorized use of the mark without posting a bond.
  10. The license does not create a partnership or agency agreement. Neither the applicant nor its representatives may hold themselves out to third parties as an agent or representative of Michigan Made, nor shall they have any authority to take any action or enter into any agreement on behalf of Michigan Made.
  11. A sample of use will be submitted to Michigan Made illustrating how the mark will be used.
  12. The applicant shall not:
  • Alter the mark in any way.
  • Use any part of the mark as part of another word.
  • Redesign, redraw, animate, modify, distort, or alter the proportions of the mark.
  • Surround the mark with, or place in the foreground over, a pattern or design.
  • Rotate or render the mark three-dimensionally.
  • Add words, images, or any other new elements to the mark.
  • Enclose the mark in a shape or combine it with other design elements or effects.
  • Modify the size or position relationship of any element within the mark.
  • Add additional copy to the mark.
  • Sell or transfer the Michigan Made mark to a third party or use other than specified in the illustration sample.
  • Violation of any guideline or representation, as determined by Michigan Made, may result in the immediate termination of the right to use the mark.