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Introducing Ascentcare Dental Products

Ascentcare Dental Products focuses on the development of dental technologies that span a diverse set of applications. The engineering, designing, and manufacturing professionals are dedicated to creating and fostering innovative dental solutions and advanced...

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Introducing Photography of Tom Kelly

The photography by Tom Kelly includes high color photos of Lake Superior, beaches, lighthouses, and ore docks. The photos are available in ready to frame prints and ready to hang stretched canvas prints. Tom really loves shooting picture around Lake Superior because...

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Introducing DivotLift Divot Repair Tool

The Divot Repair Tool by DivotLift combines a divot repairing with a golf club lift to keep your grips high and dry. Repairing your divots is every golfers responsibility. Be a good steward of the game and repair your ball marks using the Divot Repair Tool. DivotLift™...

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Introducing Eco-Friendly EPIC Legendary Cleaner

Eco-Friendly EPIC Legendary Cleaner was created with you in mind. EPIC Cleaning Products wanted a product that could handle the everyday grind of cleaning commercial/industrial properties. Inspired by jobs we do every day, this all in one cleaner is mild enough for...

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Introducing PantsUp Suspender Alternative

If your pants keep sliding down and you’re looking for an alternative to suspenders, you need the PantsUp Suspenders Alternative device! Made of soft materials that hold their shape, they are effective for keeping your pants up and your shirt down. PantsUp keeps your...

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Introducing Discet Flying Disc Game

Discet Flying Disc Game is intensely entertaining! Gliding, curving, lifting and floating a disc accurately is a science and an art. Discet presents you with the most ideal, appropriate target possible to measure skill and create games. Of all the objects one hurls in...

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Michigan Made Products & Gifts Makes It Easy For You To Buy Michigan!

All of the products are exclusively made in Michigan by cottage industries or small businesses. Michigan Made Products & Gifts is your 1 stop shop for Michigan made products!
Our Michigan made suppliers and customers are the heart of Michigan! If every Michigan household spent $10 of their weekly budget on Michigan made products, $37 million a week would be put back into our local economy! Be a part of Michigan’s economic resurgence – buy Michigan made products!


If you are a patron, please enjoy shopping with online-convenience, with the pride, confidence, and satisfaction that you’re patronizing your Michigan friends and neighbors. Our Michigan-made customers are looking for handcrafted, authentic products with a story which they love to own. Nothing that is mass-produced. Please keep in mind that, depending on the item, some materials in the product may not be Michigan made. However, the finished product is “made in Michigan” by small business entrepreneurs who are the heart of our economy. They continue to contribute to the global economy in huge ways. Not only do they create handcrafted, high quality, unique products – they give their neighbors work and give back to their Michigan communities. Real-time shipping rates for UPS, USPS, and FedEx are built into our shopping cart – therefore ACTUAL shipping charges apply, NOT inflated shipping charges. Packages may arrive in multiple shipments. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive discounts and free shipping coupons!

If you are a retail business looking for Michigan made products for your store, contact us for wholesale information. We will provide a one stop shopping experience with a wide selection of Michigan made products for your store.

If you are a cottage industry or small business owner and would like to list your Michigan made product on our website, visit the partner information page and submit the request form!