Silver Bear Snow Scoop with Wheels

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Made In Michigan
The Silver Bear Snow Scoop eliminates backbreaking shoveling, saves time, and is easy to use. This snow scoop was developed, tested, and manufactured for quality and strength. The Silver Bear Snow Scoop is designed for heavy snowfall areas and is the prize possession of many a Yooper garage! The heavy duty snow scoop allows you to easily clear snow from the driveway without lifting snow.
The Silver Bear Snow Scoop comes with wheels so you can easily roll the snow to the curb. The Snow Scoop measures 22″ wide and can be used as a wheel barrow for gardeners during summertime. Move snow even easier and use your scoop year-round! Just roll and dump. Watch the video below.

How do I unload the snow from the scoop?

You can tip the snow scoop up, like a miniature dump truck. The long handle gives you great leverage, and the snow is easily dumped out. Or you can use a quick push-pull action, like pulling the tablecloth out from under the dishes! Watch the video below.