Air Pirates Book by Author Brian Chase

Air Pirates Book is authored by Brian Chase. The paperback book is 10 x 7 x 1.6 inches with 732 pages. Chase takes his readers on a journey across the world of crime, visiting Amazonia in the middle of the Colombian civil war, and trekking through other countries as well, to show how individuals smuggle drugs into the United States. His book exposes the lies he says are perpetrated by governments in the war on drugs. He also explores the death of cocaine kingpin and leader of the Medellin cartel Pablo Escobar who the U.S. government claimed they had killed in 1993. When interviewed by agents from both the Department of Justice and the CIA over this issue in 1997, they were allowed to ask Chase just one ‘yes or no’ question according to the agreement given by his attorneys. The question was simple, to the point and Chase quoted it word for word: “Is Pablo Escobar still alive?”