Casinos of Michigan Book by Steven James Hepker

Casinos of Michigan Book by Steven James Hepker
Casinos of Michigan was reported, written and printed in Michigan by Michigander Steven Hepker. The former newspaper reporter approaches casinos with his driving force – curiosity – talking to dozens of casino workers and gamblers, and learning the odds for games like blackjack, penny slots and craps. The casino book profiles all 26 casinos in Michigan, offers tips on having more fun at casinos, and explores the history of Indian gaming, which began in Michigan.
Casinos of Michigan book celebrates the gaming hobby, especially slot machines, focusing on the thrill of the chase and not tribal politics, laws and social issues. Over the course of the four-year project, the author visited casinos all over the state. The book offers a snapshot of each casino, its history, architecture, accommodations, food, overall personality and gambling experience, as well as tips to make the visit more fun – not necessarily more profitable.
This book on casinos tackles the topic in geographic areas, listing casinos in the Upper Peninsula, Lower Peninsula and Detroit. The final section is devoted to tips on playing better, such as joining the players’ club to build points and rewards quickly; even average gamblers can earn food and free or reduced room rates or concert tickets. Simple keys to becoming a happier gambler include setting daily limits on wins and losses, only gambling with money that can be lost, and being realistic about the odds of winning big.

About the Author:

Casinos of Michigan is Steven James Hepker first book. He first visited a casino at age 28 in Atlantic City. Hepker, now a freelance writer, has been writing professionally for 30 years, mostly as a crime reporter. He won three dozen state and national awards from 1980 to 2009 while working at four daily newspapers in Michigan and Pennsylvania.