Gibraltar Series by Author Cami Tapley

Made In Michigan
The Gibraltar Series by Author Cami Tapley is a three book edition. The first publication, Gibraltar: A Novel, is no longer a single publication, but is one of three in the Gibraltar Series which also includes McKenna and Brannon: Course of Dreams.
  • Gibraltar Complete Series
  • Trade Paperback, 390 pages
  • © 2014 Lindenville Publishing
  • The Gibraltar Series includes Gibraltar: A Novel, McKenna, and Brannon: Course of Dreams.

    Synopsis for Gibraltar: A Novel

    Raised by her nurturing father and grandfather, eighteen-year-old Clary has never known the kind of resistance that brings out the best and the worst in people. As the son of a hard-hearted businessman and his unhappy socialite wife, Jem has never known anything else. Besides the connection to a cottage on the St. Clair River, the only thing Clary and Jem have in common is an unusual last name, until the revelation of a family secret begins to redirect the course of their future.

    Synopsis for McKenna

    Abandoned by his father as a child, and losing his mother to a drunk driving accident as a young man, Paul Jessup has overcome his own alcohol addiction through the help of his faith, and a wise and caring mentor, Father Carlos. After Paul meets a young woman named McKenna Franks, she and her close-knit family open the eyes of Paul’s lonely heart to see potential he’s never dared to accept for himself before. When an important opportunity leads him away, will he keep the door of his heart open, or will he succumb to a familiar voice from his past instead—Whenever something is gone, it’s gone; when it’s passed, it’s past; when it’s out of your reach, you’ll never reach it

    Synopsis for Brannon: Course of Dreams

    As Jem and Clary make a decision about their future, Paul is lost in indecision over his own. Clary struggles to maintain her relationship with Paul, while fearing that the reappearance of Jem’s uncle in Brannon will threaten any chance her father might have with Jayne. Through confusion and sorrow, joy and realization, the love of family proves faithful, as the Borderlines face big changes together in this third installment of the Gibraltar series.

    About the Author

    Author Cami Tapley Cami Tapley was born in a remote country hospital in Washington state in 1963, and then never really had a hometown while growing up. She moved with her parents from the northwestern U.S. border, state to state, town to town, to the southern most border. Cami met her husband, Russ, as a teenager in south central California, and the moving actually picked up again not too many years after they married. They traveled with their two young children from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast, up into eastern Canada and back again. It all changed in 1997, when they came to the beautiful maritime “thumb” of Michigan, and stayed.
    In Cami’s experience, she realizes that most people live within a certain proximity of where they’re “from,” and that isn’t something that can be imitated, rather, observed. Her life has largely been one of observation. She knows firsthand that home is more than familiarity or appreciation, it’s an intangible reality; that element of purpose, the product of love’s overshadowing influence, without which the tangible is only a location. Cami writes to share a little of what she has observed, and today, she is part of a Michigan proud family, along with her husband, son, daughter and son-in-law.


    Gibraltar is beautifully written, with characters so real, you can almost hear them breathing. ~Francine Biere, author
    With strong theme of the power of love and its ability to redeem and heal being at the heart of Clary’s story, Tapley has created a beautiful gem. This subtle yet compelling novel pulls the reader into a special time and place with such memorable and realistic characters you will wish you could visit Gibraltar to visit these delightful people. ~Pamela Marrache, reviewer
    The tale is told through Clary Borderline, the young woman whose life is profoundly affected by an unexpected visitor. She is rich in character and insight, but she relates her observations and conversations in a down-to-earth style that refreshingly conveys her humanity and that of those around her. A rare gem among modern novels, Gibraltar not only captivates its readers, but also cultivates a curiosity and affection for the quietly exuberant existence of its central characters, in this continuing saga of the humble and fascinating Borderline family. ~Marla Swoffer, writer