Michigan Beer Film – The Explosive Growth of the Michigan Brewing Industry

Michigan Beer Film DVD is now available! Bonus content including extended interview with Laura Bell, interview with Saugatuck Brewing Co, Extended interview with Black Rocks Brewing and extended scene content.
The Michigan Beer Film is about the explosive growth of the Michigan craft brewing industry, both economic and artistic. Director Kevin Romeo explains, “We wanted people to understand more about what goes into the beer they drink and that they can be a part of something really spectacular happening around them”.
Director Kevin Romeo and Rhino Media Productions from Kalamazoo, Michigan began with a humble idea to produce a film for beer fans and movie fans alike. Starting at rapidly growing Greenbush Brewing Co, the documentary travels the span of Michigan from Sawyer to Marquette and Grand Rapids to Detroit. Visiting brewers like Scott Sullivan, Ryan Sylvester, Eric Kuhnhenn, Joe Short; Hop growers like Brian Tennis, Joel Mulder, Jeff and Bonnie Steinman; Entrepreneurs like Ben Fleckenstein, Michael Kiser and Stephen Roginson.
The Michigan Beer Film celebrates old core values in a new generation of community-conscious consumers and the proliferation of the Michigan craft beer industry. At the same time, the film addresses some challenges that brewers and entrepreneurs encounter in the midst of the industry’s rapid growth.

The Michigan Beer Film Teaser

DSLR Documentary:

The film was shot almost entirely with Canon DSLRs. Mostly 5D Mark II’s and III’s. Their go-to lenses were L series Canon photo lenses; particularly the 50mm 1.2, 16-35mm 2.8L and 70-200 2.8.

Michigan Music

The directors of the film were very intentional in selecting the style of music. They wanted the film to convey as much raw energy and emotion as possible. At the same time, they were very committed to using only Michigan based music. Below is a list of the amazing songs that were curated for this film.
  • “The Devil Made Me Do It”, “On This Mountain”, “You Alone Know”, “Who is He, Anyway?” by THE SOIL & THE SUN
  • “Icarus”, “Easier”, “Shallow River”, “Once and For All” by THE CRANE WIVES
  • “Hard Times”, “Huck Finn”, “Drinking Song” by ANDRU BEMIS
  • “Two Pears Dancing”, “Drowsy Maggie/Sidetracked”, “We Sail at Dawn” by THE MOXIE STRINGS
  • “Hurt You” and “Cubicle Blues” by BARN ON FIRE
  • “Ambient Guitar 1” by STEVE GANSEN
  • “You Ain’t the Only Game” by DELILAH DEWYLDE AND THE LOST BOYS
  • “Be My Baby Tonight” by JOSH CARESS
  • “Days are Running” by BENNETT