Michigan Fruit Coloring & Activity Book

Michigan Fruit Coloring & Activity Book
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Michigan Fruit: An Artful Coloring & Activity Book – $8.95

Michigan Fruit Coloring & Activity Book takes you on a fruitful journey through the Michigan fruit growing season with history, lore, recipes, beautiful pictures to color, and a map and list of Michigan fruit festivals.
Beginning with strawberry (the first fruit of summer) and ending with the grape, two pages are devoted to each fruit. On the left side is an information page that includes history, fun facts, locations where the fruit grows most abundantly in Michigan, examples of different varieties and use suggestions. There is also a picture border (to color of course!) that runs along the left edge of the page. The border shows the progression from seed to blossom to mature fruit. There is also a “language fruit” image that will teach you how to say the fruit in several other languages. On the right side is a full page picture of the fruit in its growing environment.
The nine fruits included in the Michigan Fruit Book are: strawberry, cherry, blueberry, apricot, peach, plum, apple, pear and grape.

A coloring suggestion: The pictures in the Michigan Fruit Coloring & Activity Book are quite detailed and look very beautiful when colored carefully with colored pencils. If you are not sure of the color a certain fruit, look for clues in the information about the fruit, or on the cover of the Michigan Fruit Book.
Susan Briggs (Author)
Kristin Hurlin (Illustrator)
Publisher: Artful Educators
Publication date: 7/28/2011
Product dimensions 8.5 x 11 Paperback
Pages: 24

Quote from the author, Susan Briggs:

Since Michigan is one of the major fruit producing states in the nation, we wanted to shine a light on that important aspect of Michigan’s history and economy, while both entertaining and educating children in the process. We have received a great deal of positive feedback, and are very proud of the message it sends about the importance of fruit to our great state.

Book Reviews

I looked all over for information about Michigan fruit for children and finally found this beautiful book. The authors have written the text in a very kid-friendly, informative but entertaining way. They have included lovely pictures to color that show how each fruit grows from the seed through the blossom and finally the fruit. The book includes recipe suggestions and information about fruit festivals in Michigan, as well as some history about why fruit grows so well in Michigan. This book is a gem, and will definitely help children understand why Michigan is one of the top fruit producing states in the nation. I wanted to eat a BIG fruit salad after I looked at the book! And even though I purchased this for my children, I enjoyed coloring the pictures too!
~Rebecca Koladis
This is a beautiful book – the illustrations are wonderful, simple enough for children to color, interesting enough even for adults to color. As a bonus, the book is full of information about Michigan and the wonderful fruits that grow there, as well as easy recipes that would be great for a parent-child project. It’s listed as a children’s book, but I would recommend this to anyone, adult or child.
~Joyce Denn