Taj Cleans the Garage Children’s Book

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Taj Cleans the Garage is a beautifully illustrated children’s book for ages 2-7, about a little boy who does a chore that turns into an exciting adventure. In the process he becomes a hero!
Taj always wants new cars for his train set, so his parents encourage him to start earning the money to buy them. Much to his surprise, Taj’s new chore turns into an exciting adventure where he is the only one who can save the day.
Renee’s second book in this series, Malcolm Mows the Lawn, is also available.
Renee Prewitt’s new children’s book, Taj Cleans the Garage, has a very specific goal – Prewitt aims to bridge the 30 million word gap. Educators report that by the time a child is age 4, children from prosperous and more-educated households have heard and read more than 30 million more words than children from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background. Those words represent a world of infinite might-have-beens for too many children. So, Renee Prewitt wrote “Taj Cleans the Garage.” The Detroit author’s work for children, illustrated by Michaela Nienaber, intends to help close that 30 million word gap by igniting the imagination and the wonders of words and reading.
Taj Cleans the Garage Book

Quote from the author, Renee Prewitt:

“This is the first in a series of books I’m writing to help close the 30 Million Word Gap by Age 3,” Prewitt says. In addition, she also plans to talk to parent groups about the study and new findings in closing the achievement gap. “Reading to our children is so important,” she says, “but we should also engage them in conversation!” Prewitt hopes that Taj will also encourage more young boys to read.
Renee Prewitt (Author)
Michaela Nienaber (Illustrator)
Publisher: The Prewitt Group LLC
Publication date: 1ST edition 2013
Product dimensions 8.5 x 11 Paperback
Pages: 32

Book Reviews

Taj Cleans the Garage was a fun exploration into right, wrong, and imagination. My kids loved the story, from trains to animals, and more. As a parent, I love the suggested discussion questions and details on key characters. After finishing the book the second time, my son was hoping for more. Cannot wait for the second book. Great work Ms. Prewitt, and the illustrations really got the kids talking too.