Bags & Wallets

Rhinestone Totes
Rhinestone Totes with your choice of design.
Flow Pocket Cane Bag
The Flow Pocket Cane Bag has 3 bigger pockets (as compared to the Standard Cane Bag) to hold all of your essentials.
Minimalist Survival Bandit Wallet
The Minimalist Survival Bandit Wallet by BundeZe is both a multi-tool and a wallet.
Art Backpacks
Art backpacks with nature and architecture designs.
Standard Pocket Cane Bag
The Standard Pocket Cane Bag has a key clip and 3 pockets to hold all of your essentials.
Linen Wine Bags
Wine Bags imprinted with sassy and original phrases and cute designs.
Art Backpack Purse
Art Backpack Purse with original artwork and convenience of pockets.
Personalized Backpack
Create your own personalized backpack.
Personalized Pet Bag
Create your own personalized pet bag.
Small Traveler Cane Bag
The Small Traveler Cane Bag measures has three pockets and extra fabric that makes a circular pocket.

Bags for Canes and Walking Sticks

Cane Bag The Cane Bags were founded out of necessity by Sally of Breckenridge, Michigan who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and must walk with a cane. Sally was a physical therapist for several years and understands the challenges associated with disabilities. The Cane Bags are easily accessible for those with disabilities who have trouble reaching into a deep pockets. Cane Bags have short pockets so they don’t have to dig deep for their item.
Cane Bags are designed to fit standard canes and most walking sticks and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each cane bag has a wrist strap so you don’t have to let go of your cane or walking stick, which most time drops to the floor.
The Cane Bags are available in four styles: Standard Pocket, Flow Pocket, Small Traveler and Large Traveler. The Flow Pocket style has larger pockets than the Standard Pocket style. The Traveler styles have an extra large circular pocket around them, providing a large pocket to carry a change of clothing when traveling. Walker Bags are also available in four colors.
If you use a cane, walking stick, or walker, you no longer need an extra purse or bag as you now have a Cane Bag for your cane or walking stick. The Cane Bag allows you to have a free hand at all times with your essentials at your finger tips! These Cane Bags have multiple pockets to carry all your necessities, such as wallet, car keys, cell phone, water bottle, tissue, and clothing.