Cherry Products

Cherry Preserves & Butters
Cherry Preserves and Butters
Chocolate Cherry Jam
Chocolate Cherry Jam is hand made in small batches with Michigan Bing Cherries and Ghirardelli chocolate.
Cherry Brandy Jam
Packed with plump juicy sun ripened cherries and top shelf Brandy, Cherry Brandy Jam is one jam you won’t find on store shelves!
Ice Cream Toppings
Fudge and cherries…a must-have for all cherry-chocoholics! Heat it up and put it on ice cream or mix the Cherry Fudge Topping in a cold glass of milk.
Cherry Snacks and Sweets
Cherry Snacks and Sweets by Benjamin Twiggs include Just Nuts, Cherry Sour Patches, Cherry Berry Deluxe Trail Mix.
Cherry Bing Tea
Cherry Bing Tea from Michigan Bing cherries is a soothing blend of black tea with a sweet cherry flavor.
Cherry Salsa’s
Cherry Salsa’s
Cherry Summer Sausage
Cherry Summer Sausage – hardwood smoked cherry flavored sausage – it’s delicious! Made in Traverse City, Michigan. 8 oz package.
Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate
Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate by Traverse Bay Farms is made with 100% Pure Montmorency Tart Cherries – No Preservatives – No Additives – No Added Sugar.
Chocolate Covered Cherry Toffee
Chocolate Covered Cherry Toffee has all the benefits of cherry and the benefits of a delicious treat.
Cherry Sweet Snacks
Benjamin Twiggs Cherry Sweet Snacks include Cherry Sour Patches, Cherry Malted Milk Balls, Cherry Gummies, Cherry Sour Balls and more.
Jam, Jelly, Preserves and Butters
Jam, Jelly, Preserves and Butters with Michigan Cherries by Benjamin Twiggs
Dried Sweetened Tart Cherries
Savor the unique taste of Northern Michigan dried tart cherries
Dried Natural Tart Cherries
Savor the unique taste of Northern Michigan cherries with no sugar added.
Cherry Jam by Beckey’s Kountry Kitchen
Beckey’s Kountry Kitchen Cherry Jam with Michigan Cherries make this sweet cherry jam a great seller. Only locally sourced Michigan cherries are used.
Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry – Joint Formula
Fruit Advantage Tart Cherry – Joint Formula is made with Montmorency Tart Cherries.
Chocolate Covered Cherries by Traverse Bay Farms
Fresh dried tart cherries by Traverse Bay Farms are covered in delicious gourmet sweet milk chocolate or decadent dark chocolate. Watch out they can be addicting!
Fruit Advantage Organic Tart Cherry Powder
Fruit Advantage Organic Tart Cherry Powder is 100% natural tart cherry.
Cherry Salsa
Cherry Salsa is a fat-free fruit and gourmet salsa made with a combination of traditional tomato-based salsa and fresh tangy cherries.
Cherry Coffee Toffee
Benjamin Twiggs decadent dark chocolate toffee with a touch of cherries and coffee. Melts in your mouth.
Fruit Advantage Cherry Prime
Fruit Advantage Cherry Prime – Patented Formula Combining Tart Cherries with Glucosamine and Chondroitin.
Buttermilk Pancake Mix with Dried Cherries
Benjamin Twiggs Buttermilk Pancake Mix with Dried Cherries is a new twist on a morning favorite.
Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries
Benjamin Twiggs Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries are Sweet and sinful. Michigan dried tart cherries dipped in rich milk chocolate.
Dark Cherry Razz Delights
Benjamin Twiggs Dark Cherry Razz Delights are an intense raspberry-infused cherry covered with a triple thick layer of exquisite dark chocolate.
Milk Cherry Delights
Benjamin Twiggs Milk Cherry Delights are a dried cherry center surrounded by luscious milk chocolate and a red cherry coat.
Snow Yogurt Covered Dried Cherries
Benjamin Twiggs Snow (Yogurt) Covered Dried Cherries are Michigan dried cherries coated in creamy, vanilla yogurt.
Benjamin Twiggs Dried Cherries
Dried cherries are an excellent source of dietary fiber, Vitamin C, essential minerals, and are a great add-on in snacks and recipes.
Benjamin Twiggs Cherry Garden Salsa
Cherry Garden Salsa Fresh from the garden and orchard. A gourmet cherry salsa with more veggie taste. Medium heat
77% Michigan Cherry Dark Chocolate Bar
77% Michigan Cherry Bar, Chocolate and cherries – the idea behind it might be simple, but the reality of it is anything but.
Alpine Gourmet Cookies
Alpine Gourmet Cookies made with Traverse City, Michigan cherries.