Saverine Creek Organic Heirloom Jewelry

Deb Groat Family FarmThe exquisite creations of artisan Debra Groat raises the meaning of “natural beauty” to a whole new level – the raw materials of her necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other heirloom jewelry pieces are living items, rare seeds lovingly cultivated on her own family farm.

If you’re like most people, you thrive on the artistry of Mother Nature. With Debra’s unique jewelry items, you can make that natural beauty part of your own persona.

Deb Groat Seed GardenDebra discovered the jewel-like quality of rare seeds and beans in 2003 when her brother grew and dried some of them on their family centennial farm in East Central Michigan. “I was astonished by their intricate beauty,” says Deb. “The seeds were gorgeous; opening each dried pod was like finding a treasure.

I felt their individual beauty needed to be showcased, and making them into jewelry seemed to be the perfect way to present them.

The rich, true colors of the seed and bean “jewels” encompass the entire spectrum. . . .from the deep garnet hue of the Mandan Red Corn to the onyx black of the Cherokee Trail of Tears bean Cherokee Trail of Tears Seed; from the caramel and cream of the Paint Dry bean Paint Dry Bean to the azure and silver of the Hopi Blue Flour Corn. . . . .each reflects genuine, innate, organic beauty.

Dried Bean PodsDebra uses over 20 different seeds and beans to craft her jewelry items. Each item, of course, is entirely hand made, and therefore each is unique. Although Debra may make several items in the same design, each is intrinsically different because there is no “mass production” whatsoever. Each seed and bean “jewel” is distinctly its own creation, having been planted in the moist rich earth, nurtured by the sun and rain, harvested, dried and shelled by hand, and then lovingly fashioned into pieces of wearable art. In addition to her in-stock pieces, Debra will gladly work with you to design and create an item or a set which is distinctly your own.

Cherokee Trail of Tears NecklaceWhen you purchase a piece of Saverine Creek heirloom jewelry, you literally have an instant “heirloom”. . . .each of the seeds and beans are heirloom seeds – genetically untouched rare beans and corn passed down from generation to generation, ancient strains once propagated for their life-sustaining nutritional properties. Saverine Creek Heirlooms helps to keep these rare strains alive, by incorporating these beautiful “gems of the soil” into unique handmade jewelry.

Heirloom RosaryLike jewelry made from precious or semi-precious stones, Saverine Creek Heirlooms will last a lifetime, and be passed down from generation to generation. Naturally preserved by drying, the seeds and beans which comprise the jewelry pieces will exist indefinitely in this preserved state, and are not affected by body oils, moisture or humidity. No special care is required.

Mandan Red Corn NecklaceIf you have a passion for the natural world, if you appreciate all things organic, if you treasure the agricultural heritage of ancient peoples throughout the centuries, AND love naturally beautiful things, Saverine Creek Heirlooms provide exactly the gift you’re seeking. Whether for yourself or others, a one-of-a-kind piece created by Debra Groat incorporating gorgeous, rare seeds or beans, will make the statement that you not only have exquisite taste, but also truly appreciate the distinctive beauty that’s only found in nature.

If you would like to purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of rare seed or rare bean jewelry, shop Saverine Creek Organic Heirloom Jewelry.