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Dixie Dave's Wild Game Recipes Cookbook
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Although Dixie Dave Minar began his culinary career in Florida, he was always a Michigander at heart.
He found his real calling when he moved back to Michigan in 1987 and took over The Old Dixie Inn in Birch Run, Michigan. Along with his wife Terry, Dave turned it into an up-scale, white-tablecloth restaurant that became famous for its outstanding wild game menu.
With customers constantly asking him for his recipes and culinary secrets, Dave decided to compile a cookbook. Now in its fourth edition, “Dixie Dave’s Wild Game Recipes Cookbook” contains over 180 recipes for fish and fowl, venison, rabbit and other wild game.
Available at Michigan-Made.com, the cookbook includes 60 more recipes than previous editions. AND – Dixie Dave is very happy to personally autograph and inscribe a copy to you or to any friend, relative or acquaintance who appreciates the special enjoyment of cooking wild game.
Dave’s renown as a top tier wild game chef grew substantially in 1991, when he made his debut on Mike Avery’s Outdoor Magazine television show. Each week since then, Dixie Dave can be seen at the end of the program, preparing another wild game dish for viewers to enjoy.
Dave’s passion for “the wild” extends far beyond the kitchen. . . when he’s not in his chef’s hat and apron, Dave is enjoying the great Michigan outdoors, as a hunting and fishing sportsman. He also devotes much of his time to cooking wild game dinners as fund-raisers for charitable groups.