Introducing Engraved Wood Michigan Coasters

Engraved Wood Michigan Coasters

Engraved Wood Michigan Coasters

Available in Walnut or Gray Stained Pine, the four piece set of Engraved Wood Michigan Coasters feature the shape of Michigan. As you look closer, three of the designs on the coaster emanates from an origin shape. Because our highly recognizable state deserves to shine on it’s own, the fourth coaster has a simple outline of Michigan engraved into the wood. The unique design balances rustic and modern design influences. The set of four coasters feature a gloss-lacquer finish for liquid-resistance and cork feet to reduce sliding. Each wood coaster measures 4 inches x 4 inches.
Please note that the coasters are made from real wood, therefore, variances will occur. The Engraved Wood Michigan Coasters are made upon order and may take up to 2 weeks to ship from order date.
Established in January of 2019, Gray Fox Woodworking prides themselves on producing common items with uncommon designs. Gray Fox Woodworking is a team made up of its founder, Eric Gray and his wife, Anne (Fox) Gray. With last names like those, the company name Gray Fox Woodworking was born. Eric does the primary building and finishing, while Anne helps with collaboration before, during, and after projects.
As a resident of the Grand Rapids area since birth, Eric has never considered calling anywhere else home. Eric comes from years of owning and operating a commercial photography company as well as a photo booth rental company. Anne was a dental assistant for an Endodontist. They each had seemingly solid careers so why change? Well, Eric always had a nagging desire to create physical items rather than digital. He found a warmth and connection to the things he created that didn’t exist when staring at photos on a screen. Anne’s career path had always been very smooth, straight, and clear. She decided it’s time for a new path with curves, hills, and valleys.

Introducing Hunter Sticks and Jerky by Five Lakes Products

Jerky & Hunter Sticks by Five Lakes Products

Jerky & Hunter Sticks by Five Lakes Products

The Hunter Sticks and Jerky by Five Lakes Products are made right here in our home state of Michigan. They are perfect for a grab and go snack and they taste amazing! They come in a variety of flavors to suit anyone’s taste buds.
The Hunter Sticks are a little crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Everyone young and old loves these hunter sticks. With six different flavors they are the perfect grab and go snack for anyone to enjoy! Flavors include Original, Teriyaki, Jalapeno, Hot ‘N Spicy, Garlic, and Cherry.
The Jerky is available in smoked beef and smoked turkey. With six different flavors of jerky you are bound to find one or two that you will fall in love with. From spicy to sweet you won’t find another moist jerky better then Five Lakes Products! Flavors include Blazin’ Hot, Cherry Maple, Honey BBQ, Honey Glazed, Teriyaki, and Original.
Five Lakes Products is a family owned and operated business in Burton, Michigan. Everyone has put their heart and soul into this business and it shows in the products that they offer. They don’t believe in quantity over quality or vice versa. Five Lakes Products strive to make sure they not only have a large variety of items to offer, but also high quality items.

Introducing Aromatherapy Gemstone Jewelry by BOHO Jewelry Chic

Gemstone Aromatherapy Jewelry

Gemstone Aromatherapy Jewelry

In your choice of gemstone, the Gemstone Aromatherapy Jewelry is also adorned with a lava rock for mood enhancing aromatherapy. Because the focus of Boho Jewelry Chic is on non-metal, the gemstone is corded on natural hemp for a more natural organic feel!
This gemstone aromatherapy jewelry is available in an Amethyst, Amazonite, Labradorite and a Citrine gemstones. The gemstone size may vary as each stone has its own characteristics and no two are the exact same. Typical size is between 10×13 to 12×18 mm. The gemstone chips are 5 to 8 mm per chip. The lava stone size is 6 mm.
Each piece is embellished with a white pumice stone lava rock turned bead formed from an erupted volcano. Due to the porous nature, this style of lava bead has widely grown into a popular aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils to enhance mood. For this benefit, just add one or two drops of essential oil onto the lava bead. Let dry before putting on so that no irritations develop on the skin. Essential Oil not included.
The gemstone jewelry is corded with hemp twine made from 100% hemp that is processed ecologically friendly. Hemp twine is UV resistant, antibacterial, and is the strongest of all natural fibers. Hemp fibers don’t deteriorate in salt water which means it is safe for salt water. Although the hemp cord will last a lot longer if taken off while swimming, showering and sleeping.
Because the focus of Boho Jewelry Chic is on non-metal, the gemstone necklaces are corded on 18 inches of natural hemp and the clasp is a loop with a clear matte cultured sea glass bead. Perfect for a more natural organic feel!
Sold in a set of two, each gemstone bracelet is adjustable with four clear cultured sea glass matte beads to pull to desired fit on the wrist. The circumference is 8 inches when fully open to be able to fit over most wrists. Great to wear together as stacking bracelets or perfect to be worn separately for a more simple look.
The gemstone earring are corded on natural hemp and strung on .925 sterling silver hooks.

Introducing Aromatherapy Sea Glass Jewelry by BOHO Jewelry Chic

Sea Glass Jewelry by BOHO Jewelry Chic

Aromatherapy Sea Glass Jewelry

With the growing popularity of essential oils, we are happy to introduce this Aromatherapy Sea Glass Jewelry by BOHO Jewelry Chic with a focus on non-metal jewelry. Available in an array of colors associated with mystery like that of a mermaid, the beautiful Sea Glass Jewelry is also aromatherapy. Each piece is adorned with a white pumice stone lava rock turned bead that was formed from an erupted volcano. Due to its porous nature, this style of lava bead has widely grown into a popular aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils to enhance mood. For this benefit, just add one or two drops of essential oil onto the lava bead. Let dry before putting on so that no irritations develop on the skin.
The stunning Sea Glass is man-made cultured of recycled glass material. This is a time consuming design process while handmade into matte glass to mimic the natural beauty of sea glass that naturally occurs over time, sand and the sea. The typical process in time for mother earth to produce a naturally smooth piece of glass after it has broken in the sea can take 7-10 years for smoothness to take affect.
Each Sea Glass piece is corded on eco-friendly 100% hemp. Hemp twine is UV resistant, antibacterial, and is the strongest of all natural fibers. Hemp fibers do not deteriorate in salt water which means our hemp twine is safe for salt water. There are a growing number of people with random allergies including certain metals that is on the rise. As well as people on the organic, nontoxic lifestyle path consciously making a decision of not only what they put inside their body, but what they also put on it.
Imagine a light breeze blowing through the hair. The sound of crashing waves of the sea shore while walking barefoot as sand sneaks between the toes. A place where you can find some amazing treasures of mother earth. In some parts of the world you can actually find glass parts that were naturally tumbled by the currents of the waters and magically washed upon the shore in different colors and shapes. Maybe they were remnant from a message in a bottle that someone wanted to send ashore and didn’t quite make it in tact or maybe a sailor that threw his bottle overboard in which it broke as it hit the bottom of the seabed. And so after many years of being swished around in the waters of the sea it is finally washed ashore.

Introducing Handcrafted Wall Clocks by Kathy’s Creative Inspirations

Tree Slab Wall Clock

Tree Slab Wall Clock

Kathy, owner of Kathy’s Creative Inspirations in Waterford Michigan creates rustic and vintage wall clocks from reclaimed wood. The design of each wall clock is unique and the wood itself has its own characteristics. The resin artwork makes each clock a one of a kind piece. The resin just has a beautiful shine. The clock’s have quartz movement making them accurate at keeping time. The clocks have a keyhole on the backside for easy hanging and take one AA battery which are not included.
The Tree Slab Wall Clocks measure approximately 21 x 13 x 2. Due to the nature of wood, each Wood Slice Clock is a one-of-a-kind creation. You will receive as beautiful clock in a similar detail as shown, however it will differ in shape and size. If you like natural, minimalist, outdoorsy, log cabin or rustic decor, you’ll love a vintage rustic Tree Slab Wall Clock. The beautiful resin provides an incredible shine. The tree cookie or wood slab is unique because each one is slightly different in shape and wood grain characteristics.
The Large Pallet Wall Clocks are available in your choice of color, measures 27 x 31 x 2 and weighs about 12 pounds. The beautiful resin artwork truly makes this a one of a kind piece. The resin hardens to a shine with a glass-like finish. If your style is a little bit country or a little bit chic or modern rustic, a unique pallet clock will brighten your home decor.
In 2016 Kathy became a Registered Nurse First Assist in the operating room. When she finished the course she wanted to make herself a present for completing the program. She started showing a few friends the woodworking she had been doing with the cookie tree slabs and reclaimed pallet wood and resin. She was commissioned to make a few clocks similar to what she had made for herself. More people started commenting on her woodworking and her business began. The tree slabs clocks have varying shapes and unusual wood grain. The reclaimed pallet wood pieces are unique in the way the wood is formed.

Introducing SNS Dips & Creamed Honey

SNS Gourmet Dip Mixes & Creamed Honey

SNS Gourmet Dip Mix & Creamed Honey

SNS Dips & Gifts creates gourmet dip mixes and creamed honey. The Dip Mixes are all very easy and inexpensive to prepare. The dips go together with ease and are convenient. Great tasting foods can be prepared in a matter of minutes with the savory spices and delectable sweet dip mixes. So versatile, the they can be used for dipping chips, crackers, and fruit. The prepared dips can also be used as toppings in layered dips or baked potatoes and as frosting for fruit pizza, cookies and brownies. Use a dry mix to spice up meat, vegetables, and potatoes. The possibilities are endless for these savory spice dip mixes and sweet treat dips!
Creamed honey is considered the creme de la creme of raw honey for a good reason. Creamed honey is nutritious, sweet and extremely versatile in recipes. Adding honey to your drinks, dressings and bakery items instead of sugar provides a delicious flavor and numerous vitamins and minerals. Creamed honey allows you enjoy the benefits of honey straight from the hive, which contains over 140 compounds, including vitamins, minerals, essential oils, proteins and antioxidants.
Even though it’s called “creamed”, it does not contain any dairy and has nothing added. The creamed honey is made from 100 % pure raw honey. The creamy smooth consistency is obtained through a controlled crystallization process. If you heat creamed honey, it will loosen. If you put in the fridge, it will tighten. There’s no wrong way as creamed honey does not go back to crystallization. It will maintain its consistency even if you keep it in your pantry. With its fluffy consistency, creamed honey is easy to remove from the jar and it spreads splendidly on toast, biscuits, pancakes, and waffles. It can still be used for baking and cooking or just use it by the spoonful.
Stacey Lambert, owner of SNS Dips & Gifts in West Olive Michigan, has always had a love for dips that were simple and easy to make. What started out as six simple dips and taken to the first craft show, she was pleasantly surprised when the Dip Mixes sold out. Her love of dips inspired her to create her own line of dip mixes that you are able to purchase today.
The Creamed Honey line started in the fall of 2015, with two flavors. Now, over 16 flavors are offered of this amazing line. This Creamed Honey is a wonderful addition as a spread or added to your hot coffee or hot tea. Try adding it to your toast, biscuits, pancakes or muffins. It’s also a wonderful flavor enhancer for oatmeal, smoothies, and great with fresh fruits. Be creative and enjoy this spreadable delight and delicious treat!

Introducing Michigan History Postcards

Michigan Must See Spots Postcards Fall Set

Michigan Must See Spots Postcards Fall Set

Experience a moment in Michigan or send Michigan greetings to friends and relatives near and far. Along with the beautiful Michigan images, the Michigan History Postcards detail specific Michigan facts on each postcard. The set of 3 themed postcards include famous scenic areas and popular attractions in Michigan. Each postcard measures 5.75” x 3.75”. These high quality postcards are great for collectors of art, memorabilia, and souvenirs.
The Michigan History Postcard series consists of the collections as indicated below.

Michigan Must See Spots Postcards Fall Set
  • Tunnel of Trees
  • River Road National Scenic Byway
  • Red Arrow Highway
Michigan Boating and Lakes Postcards Summer Set
  • Michigan’s Lakes – “Boater’s Paradise”
  • JW. Westcott II – only floating zip code in the U.S.
  • Mishigami – Ojibwa word meaning “Great Water”
Michigan Winter and Ice Postcards Winter Set
  • Grand Haven Outer Pierhead (in Grand Haven)
  • Ice-Coated Boat (in Traverse City)
  • Eben Ice Caves (in Hiawatha National Park)
Michigan’s Top Spring Crops Postcards Spring Set
  • Cherries
  • Blueberries
  • Asparagus
Michigan’s Native American Indian Tribes Postcards
  • Chippewa Tribes
  • Ottawa Tribes
  • Potawatomi Tribes
Michigan Museums Postcards
  • The Henry Ford Museum (in Dearborn)
  • The Motown Museum (in Detroit)
  • The Michigan Firehouse Museum (in Ypsilanti)
Michigan Bridges Postcards
  • Mackinaw Bridge
  • Ambassador Bridge
  • Old US-41 Bridge
These Michigan postcards are produced and printed by Sir Speedy Printing in Saginaw, Michigan. All work is researched and completed in-house for distribution to the public.

Introducing NuMi Revitalizing Mask

NuMi Revitalizing Mask

NuMi Revitalizing Mask

Like a cool breeze off Lake Michigan, NuMi’s ALL NATURAL Michigan Minerals will invigorate your soul and senses. NuMi Revitalizing Mask is an all natural Michigan minerals mask in powder form. The healing powers of these ancient minerals will revitalize your natural youthful glow and radiance. Enjoy the cool, exfoliating, and uplifting properties of the seven best minerals for healthy and vibrant skin. Lab tested effective and pure.
NuMi is an ALL NATURAL skin care product that is hand ground, sifted, and mixed of materials found only in Michigan! The minerals come from Kona Dolomite, Favosite Coral, Petoskey Stone, River Bottom Clay, with a touch of Spearmint. The minerals in these ancient stones are some of the purest forms available, ranging in age from 350,000 million to 2.2 billion years old! NuMi contains 7 of the most important minerals for healthy and vibrant skin! These minerals include:
  • Zinc- Zinc controls the production of the oil in the skin and HELPS control some of the hormones that cause acne!
  • Copper- Copper benefits the skin by helping the production of collagen and elastin, which gives our skin its strength!
  • Selenium- Selenium is a strong Antioxidant that works with copper, helping maintain skin flexibility and elasticity!
  • Magnesium- Magnesium is crucial for healthy skin, hair, and teeth, as well as helping keep the nervous system running smoothly!
  • Calcium- our bodies contain more calcium than ANY other mineral, making up almost 90% of our bone structure. A calcium deficiency causes thin skin, weak and brittle bones, as well as hair loss!
  • Potassium- Potassium is a electrolyte that works with sodium to regulate the amount of water in our cells. A lack of potassium can lead to dry skin and other skin disorders!
  • Silica- Silica is trace mineral that works to strengthen our bodies connective tissues and is a vital component of maintaining healthy skin!
Use NuMi anywhere that you want softer, smoother, and brighter skin. Numi helps with oily skin, shrinkage of pores, softens age lines, and softening of the skin.
  • Use on the back of hands for younger healthier looking hands.
  • Use on elbows to remove dry skin and soften elbows.
  • Use on neck and chest for firming skin.
  • Use as a facial to soften age lines.
  • Use to remove excess oil from skin.
  • Use to help with acne.

How NuMi Began

John Studer is the owner, founder, and creator of NuMi. In 2011 he started making six types of Michigan stone beads that fit the popular bracelet brands. He transitioned into making jewelry out of the same Michigan rocks. In the process of grinding the different types of stones, John noticed a difference in how the residue felt on his skin. After researching and experimenting for two years with different mixtures of these stones mixed with some spearmint and river bottom clay, the all natural Michigan Mineral based skin care product NuMi was created. This skin care product leaves most peoples skin softer, smoother, and brighter after just one use! NuMi also helps with age lines, acne, and shrinks pores!

Introducing Oma’s Bath Creations

Oma's Bath Creations

Oma’s Bath Creations for Family and Fido!

Oma’s Bath Creations creates bath and body products for the whole family, including Fido! After several years of suffering with psoriasis, many doctor appointments and numerous expensive medications, Michelle started making soap for herself. It turned out that it did not irritate her skin like manufactured soaps. Michelle was so happy with the results, she began creating her own body butter. Then came the beard oil for men. She didn’t want to leave mans best friend out, so she created dog shampoo and dog refresh spray with neem oil.
Current bath and body products include:
  • Body Butter Plus: a creamy, heavy lotion that is quick absorbing and non-greasy on your skin. PLUS it includes the skin loving Vitamin E oil. Available in Lavender, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, and Unscented
  • Michigan A Step Above Soap: with the Michigan Mitt design embedded in the soap, this is a large chunky 6.5 ounce round bar available in a variety of colors and fragrances.
  • Beard Oil: properly groom and tame your beard with Oma’s Beard Oil that softens and calms fly-away hairs! Along with Vitamin E, the all natural oils help to relieve dryness and itchiness, and moisturizes the skin under your beard.
  • Dog Refresh Spray with Neem Oil: great for in-between bath times! It will freshen your furry friend until their next bath. The blend of Essential Oils and Neem Oil also help aid in repelling insects.
  • Dog Shampoo with Neem Oil: leaves your furry friends coat soft and clean. With lots of creamy lather, the mix of Essential Oils and Neem Oil helps to aid in repelling insects.

Introducing ScentSation Candles

ScentSation Premium Candles

ScentSation Soy and Coconut Wax Candles

ScentSation Candles are highly scented candles combined of coconut wax and soy wax creating a highly scented, slow-burning, candle! Coconut and soy candles are not your average candle. Candles made with coconut wax are the ultimate slow burning candle.
Coconut wax is made through a cold-pressed process from the meat of the coconut. This type of wax has many benefits. One of the many is it holds a higher fragrance volume than other natural waxes. However, coconut wax is very soft (similar to coconut oil at room temp). In ScentSation candle making process, both coconut and soy wax are combined to allow for more fragrance oil than just a soy candle, but to give the candles body or firmness. If only coconut wax was used, it wouldn’t hold its shape. Soy wax has a lower fragrance load than coconut oil. This fierce combination of coconut and soy wax is used because coconut wax is known to have a high fragrance load, but it is very soft (again similar to coconut oil) so it’s combined with soy wax to give the candle body.
Every Coconut and Soy candle is hand poured in Charlotte, Michigan using a creamy fusion of coconut and soy wax that’s blended in house. The unique fragrances including Blueberry Bliss, Luminous Lilac, Strawberry Sublime, Vanilla Vice, Frankincense Phantasia, Lavender Starlight, and Legendary LemonBerry have an amazing scent throw. The 9 ounce candles have an approximate burn time of nearly 80 hours. These premium candles with a combination of coconut wax and soy wax are highly scented, slow burning candles that everyone enjoys!