Introducing Nature’s Wooden Treasures

Nature's Wooden Treasures

Nature’s Wooden Treasures

Nature’s Wooden Treasures provides beautiful wooden pens, wine bottle holders, bottle openers, wine bottle stoppers, playing card holders, and trump markers. Owned by Mark Prahl, his love for woodworking began in wood shop class in the 1970’s. Since that time, he dabbled in various wood projects crafting items for his family including a grandfather clock, an old fashioned wagon. The wood came from the black walnut trees that were on his grandfather’s property in Northern Michigan. Part of his love for woodworking stems from his love for the wood’s natural beauty. The grain, texture and color are so magnificent. He has found great joy when he “Unlocks the Beauty” of each rough log and turns it into something beautiful and functional. Mark’s wood shop has become his second home. He personally hand-crafts each item. He turns each piece on his lathe and perfects the feel and shine with various coats of finish. Mark’s attention to detail and quality on each and every product is second to none.
Black Walnut .30 Caliber Bullet Pen
Black Walnut Slimline Pen
Black Walnut Gear Shift Pen
Solid Wood Curved Wine Bottle Holder
Solid Oak Michigan Wine Bottle Holder
Michigan Wine Bottle Stopper with Corkscrew
Gear Shift Wine Bottle Stopper
Solid Black Walnut Wedge Wine Bottle Holder
Solid Oak Michigan Bottle Opener
Solid Wood Wine Glass and Wine Bottle Holder
Solid Wood Playing Card Holder
Solid Wood Trump Marker for Card Games

Introducing RE:View Vintage

Michigan Magnet

Michigan Magnet

Established in 2016, RE:View Vintage provides genuine vintage graphics re-imagined for you. RE:View is authentic vintage graphics re-imagined onto wonderful products for home and self. As a lover of vintage and antique graphics, Kara enjoys collecting images and type styles from real America where things were made with pride and made to last. And now she is able to share them with you on great things you’ll use every day – at home or around town. All designs are authentic vintage images from her personal collection. Smitten with the wonderful vintage graphics that she collected through the years wandering through estate sales, flea markets, and antique stores, Kara decided to share those original unique vintage designs with everyone. Re:view creates and sells home goods and clothing designed with these vintage graphics. Each product is unique and several products are Michigan specific. Kara loves these old designs and has put them on the best products she could find and printed by the best printers she knows. Right here in Michigan.

Introducing Mika Organic Lip Gloss

Mika Organic Lip Gloss

Mika Organic Lip Gloss

Mika, L.L.C. began when Linda Oberlitner had a desire for an all natural lip gloss and with colors that work well with her complexion. She learned to make lip gloss, and then her lip gloss adventure began! Her adventure became a passion for combining all natural, organic ingredients to achieve the best feel and color. For two years Linda had experimented with many, many different types of ingredients. She finally arrived at what she believe is the perfect combination for vibrant, yet natural color, with balanced moisture lip gloss. Linda decided to turn her passion into a business and has ensured that all ingredients are approved by the F.D.A. Linda hopes you enjoy wearing Mika Lip Gloss as much as she does in natural, organic lip color! The Mika Organic Lip Gloss colors are available in beige, burgundy, brown, gold, light brown, pink, red and silver.
Mika Organic Lip Gloss Colors

Mika Organic Lip Gloss Colors

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Introducing Caution Cling Road Safety Decals!

Caution Clings

Caution Cling

The CAUTION CLING™ is designed to promote road safety for our new and senior drivers and drivers with baby’s aboard! Caution Cling’s mission is for all drivers to be conscious, courteous and caring as we share the road. Caution Cling, LLC is a family business inspired by Thornell & Gina Phillips daughter who had just began learning how to drive. Gina created the product, her two daughters collaborated in the design of the clings and her husband Thornell was instrumental in getting the final product manufactured and made in Michigan! Ultimately Gina was issued a US patent and started a business to share her product with the world. Caution Cling is available in orange for new drivers, green for senior drivers and new baby pink and blue for the baby’s gender. The purpose for Caution Cling is to alert others of a new or senior driver and infant or toddler passengers. The Caution Clings are unique in that they are repositional, reusable, reflective and weather resistant. To alert other motorists, place in a visible area of an automobile to encourage patience and drive with extra care when near a new driver. Each Caution Cling is identifiable by its color, shape and wording – even if driving at a distance.

New Baby Caution Clings
New Baby Caution Clings

New Driver Caution Clings
New Driver Caution Clings

Senior Driver Caution Clings
Senior Driver Caution Clings

True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Cream

True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner

True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner

With TRUE Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Cream, you will get immediate results for dry, cracked hands and feet! TRUE colloidal silver means predominantly silver particles, NOT silver ions. Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner is like nothing you have ever experienced. Colloidal Silver is a natural anti-inflammatory that works fast to reduce swelling and repair inflammation in the skin. True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner also helps with dry chapped hands, rough cracked heels, sunburn and chronic dryness. Colloidal silver is also used for skin conditions including rosacea, cradle cap (atopic dermatitis), eczema, impetigo, and psoriasis. Colloidal silver can also be applied directly to the skin for acne, burns, eye infections, fungal infections, skin infections, and Staphylococcus infections.
Colloidal silvers have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years and have been used by many ancient civilizations as a means to maintain health. Before the mainstream discovery and acceptance of antibiotics in the early 1900’s, silver products were used by doctors. These earlier versions of silver products are not to be discounted because they indeed provided countless favorable benefits to those who used them to improve their health.

How does Colloidal Silver work?

Colloidal silver can kill certain germs by binding to and destroying proteins – read information about True Colloidal Silver.

All the Benefits Without the Blue

Not every silver product is the same. After countless years of research Cashmere Hands has created the finest hand and foot conditioning cream in the world in a base of TRUE colloidal silver. As a result of this extensive research, they have learned a lot about silver and how it functions. Through months of development, Cashmere Hands created a miracle product so that a user can experience results immediately!
True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Cream does not contain oil, alcohol or greasy additives. It DOES contain a True Colloidal Silver base that your body needs and most likely lacks. This gentle skin conditioner contains all the goodness of natural ingredients and is rich with the gentle antibacterial action of Colloidal Silver. Cashmere Hands Cream coats your hands and dries in less than a minute. After that you don’t even know you have it on, except that your hands are smoother than they have ever been. You won’t find anything like Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner at the store.
  • Cashmere Hands is made from True Colloidal Silver, a century old anti-bacterial healer that truly works.
  • Cashmere Hands does not contain petroleum by-products, alcohol or wax.
  • No matter what condition your skin is in, Cashmere Hands will instantly make it feel smoother and stay smooth for hours.
  • Cashmere Hands dries remarkably fast, leaving no greasy residue on clothes or your steering wheel if you drive.
  • Get your 1 oz FREE True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Cream and try it for yourself!
Do you have a skin condition? Don’t treat the symptoms – heal the source of the condition. You could spend twice the cost, but you will not find a more effective, satisfying treatment for you skin than True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands!

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Rosie’s Original Purses

Rosie's Original Purses

Rosie’s Original Purses

Rosie’s Original Purses are handmade using recycled wool, silk, leather, and many more natural fibers. Rosie Kiley has spent years studying different techniques of working with fibers to create these beautiful purses. Each stylish purse is embellished with decorative accents and there are no two exactly alike. The inside of each purse has beautiful hand sewn fabric lining that coordinates with the outside of the purse. The purses have an adjustable shoulder strap with a hidden magnetic closure. Rosie’s purses are called “The Pouch” and can be worn as crossbody purse. The purse pouch is small but you’ll be surprised how much it will hold! Most purses measure 4 3/4 inches wide, 7 inches high, and 1 5/8 inches depth. Rosie’s Original Purses are one of a kind creations and come in many unique styles and colors.

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Rosie's Purses

Rosie’s Purses

Jayell Smoke House – BBQ Sauce and Rubs

Jayell Smoke House is one of Michigan’s top 5 BBQ companies (Channel 4- WDIV 2016) and Couples Choice by WeddingWire for catering in 2017. Jayell Smoke House is a Veteran owned, fully licensed and insured BBQ Sauce/Rubs and Catering Company that services Michigan. Their clients, both local to Michigan and across the country, who have tasted the homemade BBQ sauces and rubs through the catering service asked to have the sauce and rubs available online. So now you can experience the taste right in your own backyard! Besides being available for all events and occasions, the Jayell Smoke House BBQ Sauce and Rubs are available to ship within the United States.
Founded in 2012, Jayell Smoke House BBQ was created by David Leidlein to honor his loving father’s memory by sharing his love of BBQ with others. After years of development and research, Jayell Smoke House BBQ Sauce was born, offering unique flavors such as Root Beer BBQ Sauce, Ghost Pepper BBQ Sauce and Rub, Jalapeno BBQ Sauce and Rub, and more.
There are many styles of BBQ sauce – from South Carolina style (mustard base), to Kansas City style (tomato-molasses base sauce). Jayell’s BBQ Sauce is a Detroit Style Sauce. The BBQ sauce has a pop base in some, to a water base for others. Jayell’s BBQ Sauce would be described as a thinner sauce. Behind the development of this sauce was for topping pulled pork. Jayell has created some very unique flavors. From Root Beer to the number 1 flavor – Belle Isle Red. But with the unique flavors and they style of the sauce it has been great on other meats. So use Jayell’s BBQ Sauce on anything from pulled pork to chicken, even top your mac n cheese! Enjoy!!

What is the meaning behind the name Jayell?

The meaning behind the name “Jayell” is that it was David’s late fathers nickname from his mother. It was the first letter of his first name and the first letter of his last name. JL- turned into “Jayell”.

What is the meaning behind the Jayell BBQ Sauce names?

  • Belle Isle Red- name after Belle Isle- which is an island on the Detroit River in Detroit Mi.
  • “Honest John” Jalapeno- Named after David’s Great 3X’s removed. He was a senator for the Saginaw, Mi area. His nickname was “Honest John”. He died in a hotel fire in Lansing in the 1920’s.
  • Bavarian Root Beer- Is the homeland of David’s family who came over to the states in 1840’s.
  • Exit 224b Ghost Pepper- The exit off of I94 that exits to Harper Woods Mi, where David grew up and his father worked as City Manager for over 20 years.
  • Rogers City Porter- Is name after a place David lived in for 5 years in northern Mi- Rogers City, Michigan.
A great blend of seasonings, Jayell Smoke House offers over 15 all natural rubs in unique flavors…such as 1492 IPA Rub, Venison Herb Rub, Killer 5 Rub, West Coast Coffee Rub and more. Try these great tasting rubs on chicken, pork, fish, ribs, steak, roasts, potato chips, popcorn, hamburgers, chili and even macaroni and cheese to add a little zip or a whole ‘lotta kick!

Creative Cottage – Home Decor with a Country Twist

Creative Cottage

Creative Cottage

Creative Cottage is a family company who loves designing and creating home decor with a country twist. Heather is a wife and mother of two boys. She graduated from a private art college in 2010 and loves doing arts and crafts!
Creative Cottage started out doing only craft shows in 2014. The family business grew each year, adding more craft shows around Michigan, to being in 3 stores and online! Creative Cottage is a family based business who hand makes each sign in Michigan! Hand painting the wood signs adds to the charm of the vintage style signs.
The wood signs are made with rustic unfinished wood and completely hand painted. After painting and distressing, a soft clear coat is added to protect it. Most signs come with a D-ring hook for easy hanging. The rustic signs also look great leaning on a fireplace mantel, on a shelf or against a wall atop a table. They make great housewarming gifts! Each sign is hand made when ordered so there may be slight differences than the one pictured. Please allow up to 10 days for completion of order prior to shipping. The signs are for indoor use only!
Smitten with the Mitten Sign
Scrabble Michigan Home Sign
Large Michigan Sign
Home Sweet Home Sign
Michigan Drink Local Sign
Large Michigan Sign
Made In Michigan Sign
Lake Michigan Sign
Michigan Home Sign
Stand Alone Michigan Sign
Home Brewed Michigan Sign
Michigan Ornament

Rivertown Cargo Repurposed Wool Products

Repurposed Wool Products

Repurposed Wool Products

Rivertown Cargo creates repurposed wool products such as felted wool mittens that are unique and exclusive, wool hand warmers in the shape of Michigan, and wool kitchen hot pads. Wool sweaters are recycled into new and useful products! Wool mittens made from repurposed wool sweaters are unique as there are three wools used that coordinate with each other. Embellished with a button on each cuff, these zany and fun repurposed wool mittens will keep your hands warm on the coldest of days. These recycled wool mittens are created using wool from three sweaters that are felted by washing them in hot water and drying in the dryer on the highest setting. This process causes the wool to shrink into a tighter knit that provides a great barrier to the cold, long winters we have in Michigan. These wool mittens coordinate with each other but the outer hands do not “match”. This makes each pair unique as there are no two pairs that are ever alike.
The one of a kind Michigan Hand Warmers are made from repurposed wool & filled with rice. These wool hand warmers with the shape of Michigan can be heated in the microwave to keep hands warm or placed in the freezer and used as cold packs. The Wool Michigan Hand Warmers measure 3 1/2 inches by 5 inches and available in a variety of colors.
The one of a kind Wool Hot Pads are repurposed wool sweaters are recycled into a set of kitchen wool hot pads. Wool is a great insulator and works well for deflecting the heat from a hot pot or pan. The Kitchen Wool Hot Pads measure 7 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches and available in a variety of colors.
Repurposed Wool Mittens
Wool Michigan Hand Warmers
Kitchen Wool Hot Pads

Auto Seat Gap Blocker

Never lose anything down those annoying seat gaps again with Auto Seat Gap Blocker! The Auto Seat Gap Blocker blocks the gap between the front seat and the center console.No more losing cell phones, keys, credit cards, money, french fries, jewelry, makeup, etc., between the front seat and the center console. The Auto Seat Gap Blocker keeps items from falling down the spaces between the front seats and center console. Made of highly flexible coated foam, custom-shaped to best fit all vehicle seat gaps. It fits all vehicle seat gaps, guaranteed. It moves with seat movement, never dislodging. It’s liquid-proof, and wipes clean easily. Pushes down into place in seconds, and, once there, blocks anything from falling down the gap. Shadow-black color, as all seat gaps are shadow-black, whatever the vehicle interior. Sold in pairs, for driver and passenger side.
  • Slides with your seat
  • Guaranteed to fit your vehicle
  • Reduces driver distraction/accidents
Auto Seat Gap Blocker

Auto Seat Gap Blocker

Includes 2 blockers for driver and passenger sides. Universal fit…fits any vehicle. Buy the Auto Seat Gap Blocker now!
Auto Seat Gap Blocker