Introducing Zip-Fresh Clips!

Zip-Fresh Clips

Zip-Fresh Clips

Zip-Fresh Clips proven design provides a simple, convenient, and easy way to close and reseal opened bags – from pantry storage, fridge, to freezer. Don’t waste your money on metal or spring-loaded chip clips – they all break sooner or later – guaranteed! They are made of cheap steel (Steel + Water) = RUST. These clips are superior to conventional clips, locking in freshness with the only clip that slides (zips) on the bag firmly with ease. Zip-Fresh Clips are the only clips with “Lifetime Warranty”. Lifetime warranty – superior quality! Plastic injected – retaining memory, and won’t stretch or wear out. Polycarbonate Plastic .100 inch thickness. The unique design inherits memory super closing strength. Impossible for the product to stretch or break. Bags of chips, cereal, sugar, pet food, etc will stay fresh for months! Available in four vibrant translucent colors, these clips are the highest quality and most affordable chip clip on the market today!


  • Look Great – Forget about those ugly and cheap multi-colored plastic clips, our simple stainless steel clips fit in with any kitchen décor.
  • Use it for your potato chips, cereal, cookies, flour, sugar, frozen food, coffee, trail mix, or anything else you need to keep fresh.
  • MULTIPLE USES: In addition to preserving your chips, use it to preserve other open bags or to display important papers.


  • Customers are raving about the quality of our Zip-Fresh Clips for pet food.
  • Reseal small to large dog feed bags.
  • Great for doggie snacks and treats.
  • Quick Seal prevents spills – Saving you money!


  • Zip-Fresh Clips prevents spills, keeping seeds & pet feed fresh!
  • Heavy-duty, durable for calf, horse feed and cracked corn bags.
  • For all seeds, mulch, fertilizer, feed bags and pet foods.


  • Indoor and Outdoor Use – It doesn’t just have to be in the kitchen.
  • Use them in the garage, shed, office, or wherever you require a durable clamp.
  • Freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe, can withstand the most harshest weather conditions.
  • Used to hang clothes on line (home or camping) it’s impossible for winds to blow towels off the line.
  • From gardening to pool covers – you “NEED” the Zip-Fresh Clips in your garage!
Zip-Fresh Chip Clips
Zip-Fresh Pet Clips
Zip-Fresh Farm Home Garden Clips

Introducing Moms’ Michigan Made Cookies by Bavarian Inn

Moms' Michigan Made Cookies by Bavarian Inn

Moms’ Michigan Made Cookies by Bavarian Inn

Moms’ Michigan Made Cookies are made with quality Michigan ingredients by Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Bavarian Inn is now in its 4th generation of owners. The recipes for the gourmet cookies come from generation of moms, featuring quality Michigan ingredients, shipped in a unique box in the form of a “glockenspiel” just like the one attached to the Bavarian Inn building. The cookies are hand made in the Bavarian Inn bakery with generations of deliciousness!!!
Moms’ Michigan Made Cookies are perfect as a gift for a special occasion, or for yourself if you are craving a taste of Frankenmuth. Each box includes 10 cookies with your choice of 6 delicious flavors – Alpine, Glockenspiel, Germantown, Heavenly Hazelnut, Peanut Butter Chunkies, and Stollen – choose 10 all the same or mix and match. These scrumptious gourmet cookies incorporate flour from Star of the West Milling Company, sugar from Michigan Sugar Company, cherries from Traverse City, and cranberries from Cheboygan – just to name a few locations.
All cookie orders will be baked and shipped on Tuesday. To ensure freshness, orders must be placed by 4pm Friday to be shipped out the following Tuesday.
Alpine Gourmet Cookies
Germantown Gourmet Cookies
Glockenspiel Gourmet Cookies
Heavenly Hazelnut Gourmet Cookies
Peanut Butter Chunkies Gourmet Cookies
Stollen Gourmet Cookies

Introducing Valganics Handcrafted Soap

Spearmint Vegan Soap

Spearmint Vegan Soap

Based in Canton, Michigan, Valganics Handcrafted Soaps loves making vegan soap with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil and Essential Oils. Valganics Handcrafted Soap, Body & More™ was started from a path to pursue creation and contribution by helping others. From a vision and a purpose due to life experiences, creativity transpired that can only come from a sensitive heart. From the name, to the ingredients, to the quality – a story is told.
Val Ristovski, the Soap Artist, was led into soap making as a result of a series of events she had experienced over the years. She always had very sensitive and problematic skin since childhood. During the harsh winters when the weather is really dry, her knuckles would actually split and bleed. During the summers she would sunburn very easily if not careful. In 2006 she had a malignant skin cancer melanoma removed. Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer. This single event was enough to trigger her awareness and made her very conscious about what she put on her skin and that of her family. During this journey of change, she began to focus attention on nutrition and lifestyle and avoided unnecessary chemicals in our home.
Val read and studied many books on soap making, which began with 25 books. She felt that by educating and helping herself she would be helping others by providing an alternative soap product. She started to make soap for her family and friends and developed a new respect for all of the ingredients. Val decided to focus her energy on creating soap from scratch using a version of the Cold-Process Method. The versatility of soap allows her to be as simple or as artistic as she wants to be and have full control of the ingredients. As for the ingredients, it was an absolute must to decide on the oil base she was going to use and not deviate from her “standard”.
Val’s philosophy on soap and its purpose is that using it should be an enjoyable experience knowing that it was made with a lot of effort and care. Getting back to basics and understanding the labor-intensive old-fashioned way of how soap was made many years ago can help reconnect us to something that has been lost in history – replaced by technology and mass production as it exists today. Soap is meant to clean your skin and hair – plain and simple. For those of us who are sensitive like Val, as well as those who have developed sensitivities over the years, her hope is that you will find relief and perhaps gain insight and understanding about real, old-fashion, all natural soap.
Rosemary Mint Vegan Soap
Lavender Lemongrass Vegan Soap
Activated Charcoal Vegan Soap

Introducing Man On The Fence by Author John R. Day Jr

Man On The Fence Book

Man On The Fence Book

Introducing Man On The Fence by Author John R. Day Jr. Man On The Fence is a nostalgic journey of boyhood friends as they grow into men, husbands, and fathers until life’s twists and turns create a rift that has the potential to turn deadly. Their relationships for better or worse with the spirited women in their lives create an equally heart-wrenching and heart-warming tale of family, friends, and farm life in which the characters are shaped by the typical trials of adulthood: sex, religion, politics, and death. The story is set in southeastern Michigan and includes lots of Michigan landmarks and events.

Product Details

  • Available in Hardcover and Paperback: 388 pages
  • Publisher: Cowhead Publishing Company (November 21, 2016)
  • Language: English

About the Author

John R. Day Jr, Author

John R. Day Jr Author

John R. Day Jr Author[/caption] John R. Day Jr, called Johnny by his friends, grew up on his family s dairy farm in southern Michigan. Among some of the unusual tasks he s performed in different jobs throughout the years, John has milked cows, cleaned septic tanks, and collected boar semen. He s been happily married for over 30 years and has three grown, married children and three granddaughters. John nurtured his creative side by making highlight videos of his kids’ high school varsity and college sports teams. Not only did he enjoy the hours and hours and hours spent matching the clips perfectly with the songs, he found a way tell stories that could be enjoyed for a long time. Wanting to share some of his life experiences with his kids around the dinner table, John finally took the time to weave a story inspired by some real-life experiences, a great deal of fiction, and a healthy dose of fun in between.

Introducing Nature’s Wooden Treasures

Nature's Wooden Treasures

Nature’s Wooden Treasures

Nature’s Wooden Treasures provides beautiful wooden pens, wine bottle holders, bottle openers, wine bottle stoppers, playing card holders, and trump markers. Owned by Mark Prahl, his love for woodworking began in wood shop class in the 1970’s. Since that time, he dabbled in various wood projects crafting items for his family including a grandfather clock, an old fashioned wagon. The wood came from the black walnut trees that were on his grandfather’s property in Northern Michigan. Part of his love for woodworking stems from his love for the wood’s natural beauty. The grain, texture and color are so magnificent. He has found great joy when he “Unlocks the Beauty” of each rough log and turns it into something beautiful and functional. Mark’s wood shop has become his second home. He personally hand-crafts each item. He turns each piece on his lathe and perfects the feel and shine with various coats of finish. Mark’s attention to detail and quality on each and every product is second to none.
Black Walnut .30 Caliber Bullet Pen
Black Walnut Slimline Pen
Black Walnut Gear Shift Pen
Solid Wood Curved Wine Bottle Holder
Solid Oak Michigan Wine Bottle Holder
Michigan Wine Bottle Stopper with Corkscrew
Gear Shift Wine Bottle Stopper
Solid Black Walnut Wedge Wine Bottle Holder
Solid Oak Michigan Bottle Opener
Solid Wood Wine Glass and Wine Bottle Holder
Solid Wood Playing Card Holder
Solid Wood Trump Marker for Card Games

Introducing RE:View Vintage

Michigan Magnet

Michigan Magnet

Established in 2016, RE:View Vintage provides genuine vintage graphics re-imagined for you. RE:View is authentic vintage graphics re-imagined onto wonderful products for home and self. As a lover of vintage and antique graphics, Kara enjoys collecting images and type styles from real America where things were made with pride and made to last. And now she is able to share them with you on great things you’ll use every day – at home or around town. All designs are authentic vintage images from her personal collection. Smitten with the wonderful vintage graphics that she collected through the years wandering through estate sales, flea markets, and antique stores, Kara decided to share those original unique vintage designs with everyone. Re:view creates and sells home goods and clothing designed with these vintage graphics. Each product is unique and several products are Michigan specific. Kara loves these old designs and has put them on the best products she could find and printed by the best printers she knows. Right here in Michigan.

Introducing Mika Organic Lip Gloss

Mika Organic Lip Gloss

Mika Organic Lip Gloss

Mika, L.L.C. began when Linda Oberlitner had a desire for an all natural lip gloss and with colors that work well with her complexion. She learned to make lip gloss, and then her lip gloss adventure began! Her adventure became a passion for combining all natural, organic ingredients to achieve the best feel and color. For two years Linda had experimented with many, many different types of ingredients. She finally arrived at what she believe is the perfect combination for vibrant, yet natural color, with balanced moisture lip gloss. Linda decided to turn her passion into a business and has ensured that all ingredients are approved by the F.D.A. Linda hopes you enjoy wearing Mika Lip Gloss as much as she does in natural, organic lip color! The Mika Organic Lip Gloss colors are available in beige, burgundy, brown, gold, light brown, pink, red and silver.
Mika Organic Lip Gloss Colors

Mika Organic Lip Gloss Colors

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Introducing Caution Cling Road Safety Decals!

Caution Clings

Caution Cling

The CAUTION CLING™ is designed to promote road safety for our new and senior drivers and drivers with baby’s aboard! Caution Cling’s mission is for all drivers to be conscious, courteous and caring as we share the road. Caution Cling, LLC is a family business inspired by Thornell & Gina Phillips daughter who had just began learning how to drive. Gina created the product, her two daughters collaborated in the design of the clings and her husband Thornell was instrumental in getting the final product manufactured and made in Michigan! Ultimately Gina was issued a US patent and started a business to share her product with the world. Caution Cling is available in orange for new drivers, green for senior drivers and new baby pink and blue for the baby’s gender. The purpose for Caution Cling is to alert others of a new or senior driver and infant or toddler passengers. The Caution Clings are unique in that they are repositional, reusable, reflective and weather resistant. To alert other motorists, place in a visible area of an automobile to encourage patience and drive with extra care when near a new driver. Each Caution Cling is identifiable by its color, shape and wording – even if driving at a distance.

New Baby Caution Clings
New Baby Caution Clings

New Driver Caution Clings
New Driver Caution Clings

Senior Driver Caution Clings
Senior Driver Caution Clings

True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Cream

True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner

True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner

With TRUE Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Cream, you will get immediate results for dry, cracked hands and feet! TRUE colloidal silver means predominantly silver particles, NOT silver ions. Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner is like nothing you have ever experienced. Colloidal Silver is a natural anti-inflammatory that works fast to reduce swelling and repair inflammation in the skin. True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner also helps with dry chapped hands, rough cracked heels, sunburn and chronic dryness. Colloidal silver is also used for skin conditions including rosacea, cradle cap (atopic dermatitis), eczema, impetigo, and psoriasis. Colloidal silver can also be applied directly to the skin for acne, burns, eye infections, fungal infections, skin infections, and Staphylococcus infections.
Colloidal silvers have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years and have been used by many ancient civilizations as a means to maintain health. Before the mainstream discovery and acceptance of antibiotics in the early 1900’s, silver products were used by doctors. These earlier versions of silver products are not to be discounted because they indeed provided countless favorable benefits to those who used them to improve their health.

How does Colloidal Silver work?

Colloidal silver can kill certain germs by binding to and destroying proteins – read information about True Colloidal Silver.

All the Benefits Without the Blue

Not every silver product is the same. After countless years of research Cashmere Hands has created the finest hand and foot conditioning cream in the world in a base of TRUE colloidal silver. As a result of this extensive research, they have learned a lot about silver and how it functions. Through months of development, Cashmere Hands created a miracle product so that a user can experience results immediately!
True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Cream does not contain oil, alcohol or greasy additives. It DOES contain a True Colloidal Silver base that your body needs and most likely lacks. This gentle skin conditioner contains all the goodness of natural ingredients and is rich with the gentle antibacterial action of Colloidal Silver. Cashmere Hands Cream coats your hands and dries in less than a minute. After that you don’t even know you have it on, except that your hands are smoother than they have ever been. You won’t find anything like Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner at the store.
  • Cashmere Hands is made from True Colloidal Silver, a century old anti-bacterial healer that truly works.
  • Cashmere Hands does not contain petroleum by-products, alcohol or wax.
  • No matter what condition your skin is in, Cashmere Hands will instantly make it feel smoother and stay smooth for hours.
  • Cashmere Hands dries remarkably fast, leaving no greasy residue on clothes or your steering wheel if you drive.
  • Get your 1 oz FREE True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Cream and try it for yourself!
Do you have a skin condition? Don’t treat the symptoms – heal the source of the condition. You could spend twice the cost, but you will not find a more effective, satisfying treatment for you skin than True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands!

Buy True Colloidal Silver Cashmere Hands Skin Conditioner Here

Rosie’s Original Purses

Rosie's Original Purses

Rosie’s Original Purses

Rosie’s Original Purses are handmade using recycled wool, silk, leather, and many more natural fibers. Rosie Kiley has spent years studying different techniques of working with fibers to create these beautiful purses. Each stylish purse is embellished with decorative accents and there are no two exactly alike. The inside of each purse has beautiful hand sewn fabric lining that coordinates with the outside of the purse. The purses have an adjustable shoulder strap with a hidden magnetic closure. Rosie’s purses are called “The Pouch” and can be worn as crossbody purse. The purse pouch is small but you’ll be surprised how much it will hold! Most purses measure 4 3/4 inches wide, 7 inches high, and 1 5/8 inches depth. Rosie’s Original Purses are one of a kind creations and come in many unique styles and colors.

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Rosie's Purses

Rosie’s Purses