Introducing Bruno’s Barkin’ Biscuits, LLC – Makers of All Natural Dog Treats

Bruno’s Barkin’ Biscuits

Bruno’s Barkin’ Biscuits

Bruno’s Barkin’ Biscuits, LLC makes homemade all natural dog treats that dogs drool for! With recipe’s that support your dog’s health, not only are they good for your dog, they are delicious. Made of all human grade ingredients, these dog treats are high quality, great tasting treats that dogs bark about! Bruno’s Barkin’ Biscuits, LLC has a state of Michigan commercial feed manufacturer and distribution license. All of their treats are lab tested for a guaranteed analysis. Bruno’s Barkin’ Biscuits, LLC was created because Mellisa Bruno wanted to offer dog owners a safe and healthy treat option when it comes to their dogs. She was tired of reading about dog food company recalls every time she opened up the news or social media. Bruno’s Barkin’ Biscuits, LLC is a small, home-based company in Oxford Michigan specializing in all-natural, preservative free, and healthy dog treats. The ingredients used are all human grade, and they strive to use organic and local farmer’s market/CSA ingredients when possible. If we wouldn’t feed it to ourselves, we shouldn’t feed it to our dogs. So skip the store-bought dog treats and try these homemade, healthy biscuits for your dog instead. With flavors like peanut butter and cheddar, your dog will bark about it! Dog tested…dog approved. And you’ll feel good about providing a healthy treat to your precious pups!
Peanut Butter Bites Dog Treats
Cheddar Chews Dog Treats – Heart Shape
Cheddar Chews Dog Treats – Dog Bone Shape

Introducing 616 Barkery All Natural Dog Treats

616 Barkery All Natural Dog TreatsThe 616 Barkery All Natural Dog Treats are organic, vegan and made with human grade ingredients. Teresa Funk started her business in 2015 to provide a healthier alternative to commercial dog treats that contain additives, by-products and preservatives. Registered and certified by the State of Michigan, Dairy One and Pure Michigan Connect – there are no additives, preservatives, fillers or chemicals. No added salt or refined sugar. No artificial color or flavors. Each dog treat bag is marked with ingredients and an expiration date. Teresa’s two purebred yellow labs enjoy these all natural dog treats without all the added chemicals and byproducts. She wanted nothing but the best for her furbabies! Your dog will love these all natural dog treats, gourmet cookies, chicken jerky and cupcakes too!
616 Barkery is discontinued. Click on the button below to view other all natural dog treats.

Bow Wow Bake Shoppe Dog Treats

Do healthy dog treats have to be tasteless? No Way! Reward your dog’s good behavior and strengthen your bond with an assortment of delicious and healthy dog treats and healthy biscuits! These dog treats by Bow Wow Bake Shoppe are handmade using all natural healthy ingredients. The dog treats not only smell great – they taste great too! Choose from the Original great tasting biscuits in the shape of dog bones, Peanut Butter Apple Sauce Dog Treats, or Pumpkin Crunch. All flavors are available in the popular Michigan shape dog treats. These handmade dog treats are baked to order…made fresh every time!
Dog Treats by Bow Wow Bake Shoppe
Original Biscuits
Peanut Butter Apple Sauce Dog Treats
Peanut Butter Apple Sauce Dog Treats
Herbal Castile Shampoo by Company Soap
Pumpkin Crunch Dog Treats
Michigan Shape Dog Treats
Michigan Shape Dog Treats